1. Christopher Gallardo Jr. says

    https://lyricstranslate.com/en/baba-yetu-our-father.htmlEnglish translationOur FatherOur Father, who artIn Heaven. Amen!Our Father,Hallowed be thy name.Give us this day our daily bread,Forgive us ofOur trespassesAs we forgive othersWho trespass against usLead us not into temptation, butDeliver us from the evil one forever.Thy kingdom come, thy will be doneOn Earth as it is in Heaven. (Amen)"

  2. Gamers Guild UK PeterAmaranth says

    Best civ game, it even had lenerd nemoy in

  3. Guilherme Zanardo says

    The audience clapped in the middle of the song! So disrespectful…

  4. Mathieu WANG says

    Wait! Just one more turn….

  5. Ondřej Bartík says

    Omg this is so amazing.

  6. Ze Germanz says

    I fucking knew Kenan and Kel weren't dead

  7. Nico Bauer says

    Both voices are awesome!

  8. Alan Fox says

    What the heck is video games live?

  9. Igor Golyuk says


  10. geobaldi5 says

    Still the only video game in history to have won a Grammy Award.  And only on PC  🙂  Great game, and great song.

  11. alpang6161 says

    this constantly sent chills down my back on how amazing this is

  12. Aaron DeMaster says

    It's the Lord's Prayer in Swahili. Composer won a Grammy for this. Fantastic.

  13. Ruben Laguna says

    yo jugue este juego viiejo y mi raza el INKA 😀

  14. Möö ööp says

    very good …… love it =)

  15. CoGDork says

    In case you're all wondering, the lyrics are in fact the "Lord's Prayer" in Swahili.

  16. RollOnToVictory says

    I feel like this needs to be sung every new year just so I can at least start the year with hope

  17. Jarkko Kulmala says

    HOLY SHIT!! That was amazing!!

  18. salle j says

    how can people not like this? its the shit

  19. TheCustodianTV says

    Amazing 🙂

  20. kayin72 says

    i love this song, and while those two are good singers, personally i prefer the level 1 version of this song, at 2:44, i just love the sound of the choir mixed with the music, but in this version the duet over powers it

  21. The Creeper says

    i love so much this much this music.is beautiful

  22. Ana Luiza Gonçalves says

    1 person only don't like.

  23. Michael Welsh says

    @knaalto Swahili

  24. Andreas Aalto says

    what language are they singing in ?

  25. drag0thic says

    civ 4 4ever <3

  26. lecoronel says

    1 person is a racist

  27. imRINOA says

    遊戲,文明帝國四的曲子!! 這首歌真的寫的很棒!!!!

  28. Amanda Murphy says

    @TheTrillz Lmfao I was thinking the same thing.

  29. alextuTV says

    its good

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