Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News


Witnesses recorded an incident where a white woman called the police on a black father who was coaching his son from the sidelines. Police found no wrongdoing and did not detain the father. It is the latest in a string of occurrences where white people have called 911 on black people who have done nothing wrong.
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Video Shows ‘Golf Cart Gail’ Calling Police On Black Father At Soccer Game | NBC News

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  1. Sardasht Ibrahim says

    We are with you !!
    Greetings to our African American brothers and Sisters
    From Kurdistan .

  2. Royal Russell says

    We need more good ppl like the witness at the end

  3. Repeat.Repeat says

    If those idiots were forced to pay fines for their stupid calls,they will think many times before calling the cops

  4. Carolyn Haywood says

    I just don’t understand these women ( sometimes men) their lives must be so awful that they want to upset others to make themselves feel good.

  5. Volta Kubrick says

    Yep! No wonder the blacks are protesting. White people can't even see their own racist behavior. Its like they are afraid of blacks or something.
    Why would you be afraid of your neighbors at a soccer game?

  6. Bacon. says

    Her breath is so disgusting.

  7. mary Eastman says

    Omg can’t hear them who ever is video this the breathing load

  8. Memo Colotl says

    Dam look at her knee caps 😭

  9. Ben Harrell says

    American “ Karen’s” should have a bounty on them

  10. Your Royal Majesty says

    The Karen is strong with in that one.

  11. eugene pruitt says

    Crazy thing is she sounded convincing. If he did not have anyone to back his story he might have been charged.

  12. MR. MR. says

    This video is probably all propaganda they only show you things that you want to know so they can make you vote for something or get something they're selling

  13. rivas david says

    reason why I like black people is because they make good nicknames for racist people

  14. David G. says


  15. Mystery207 says

    Golf cart Gail haha

  16. Mike Moyer says

    she should get a citation for misuse of 911 call / wasting time of police/taxpayer money

  17. Jessica Winslet says

    Another racist Karen, black people can't walk while black, can't play in parks while black – imagine how things were before when this was legal

  18. Okima Wilcox says

    Why these heffas never this dedicated to the gym?

  19. Netman Netman says

    Black people must be like a new fenomenon in the US. This since white people seems so scared of all the normal acting black people. As a forigner living in Europe one get the feeling watching numerous bizarre American Youtube clips similar to this one that White American people never ever has encountered normal conducting black American people before in their lives. Therefore they feel the need to act in panic calling the cops fearing for their lives and wasting money and resources needed elsewere.

  20. Mike Hunt says

    I'm white and I cannot stand uppity middle-aged white women

  21. Aidan Lynch says

    Oh look at her lie to the cop

  22. Michael Barry says

    There is no way that I could live in the states anymore, golf carts are not that heavy

  23. Elizabeth Brower says

    The kids can’t have fun at their own games anymore

  24. John Moore says

    This is America people

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