[Vinesauce] Vinny – Majora's Mask Randomizer for COVID-19 Relief (PART 1)


Direct Relief►

Vinny streams The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 64 live on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: May 11th, 2020
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March 11th, 2020 Stream:
Majora’s Mask Randomizer for COVID-19 Relief (PART 1) ►
Vinesauce Art Corner #1282 ►

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  1. Vinesauce: The Full Sauce says

    Direct Relief► http://bit.ly/vscovid19

  2. yoshijamergamer 45 says

    Hail the moon

  3. all_late_gamer56 says

    Maybe Vinny will be able to find love,just like tingle. At the age of 35.

  4. Uncle Musty says

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh vinny vinny vinny. 3:34:30 ish, that is not what the bell curve is my friend, you've been spending much too much time on basket weaving forums. 😉

  5. Pentacus says

    3:10:00 Wizzrobe needed a shit, and there's only one bathroom in Termina.

  6. Scooby Douche says

    R.I.P. Vappy

  7. MrGuy says

    no but doesn't he sound higher pitched sometimes? only on twitch though.

  8. B N says

    1:52:19 that's a goddamn good Fox McCloud impression, vin

  9. Cody Jones says

    i appreciate that the music got creepy and evil right as he started mentioning the charity… very ominous

  10. Zachary Troutman says

    First it was "What if it's the light arrows?" Now it's "What if it's the Fierce Deity Mask?"


    Vinny,This is gonna get cheesyYou got me through the end of 2018 and a lot of 2019, I still listen to your videos often in the background while I am doing art, and you serve as a very huge figure in my life, you're an inspiration to me, you're always here for me and so many others when we don't have anything else to look forward to, when we don't have anything else to give or lose, and you're so genuine and grateful during these charity and good cause streams, I love hearing how happy you are when people don't because it comes from a good heart and a place of actual real generosity, you never fail to make me happy! And I know it's the same for others!In 2018, a few months after my first visit to a hospital where I was recovering from some bad thoughts and actions, and I was still recovering by this point, I discovered you. You definitely helped me get better faster I think! It's okay if you never see this but posting it feels really good.Thank you Vinny, so so so much, for everything.Even when I feel like crying, I find myself smiling through your streams and videos!

  12. Zack Bradshaw says

    Happy Birthday Vinny

  13. xXGreen thunderXx says

    A 4 hour part 1 oh god

  14. tingo wango says

    Yeet goes tingle

  15. tingo wango says

    The red star is the aliens I think during romaoni quest

  16. tingo wango says

    Legend of Nick cage rando (loncr)

  17. tingo wango says

    Would you ever get the version of majors mask with nickcage. To be random then you can random the voices to nickcage and have random Nick cage items yes yes

  18. Hyejin says

    i can't believe i missed this stream. 🙁 his MM playthrough was always one of my favorites to watch and listen to.

  19. a crusader says

    This is not really for the new way this is fucking horrifying

  20. abundance of spit says

    "I'm the moon"

  21. Garou says

    My favorite speedwalker.

  22. Garou says

    I never knew he was 35. He always sounded and looked 25. Happy late birthday!

  23. Richard Preinitz - MaybeMystic says

    im now on attempt 4 of watching this, as ive fallen asleep all other times

  24. ander machines says

    Does anyone know where to get the tracker Vinny's using?

  25. The White Hat Hacker says

    Sometimes I forget New York is where COVID19 is really shitting on everything.

  26. Fergustine Feart says

    Good thing this isn't Twitter – your video would be taken down with the quickness over the title…

  27. Wug says

    Technical difficulties stop at 9:00

  28. LetsPlayNintendoITA says

    wtf tingle is gone

  29. Max Brodie says

    So gameplay starts at 10:00

  30. Brandino Browser says

    Thank you Vinny. <3

  31. 1v3RunningMan says

    What’s funny is that I played this game and I tried to do the hide and seek game and I always lost and when got there idk where to point

  32. Soft Sounds says

    I never got past the beginning of Majora's Mask myself but I've always been interested in it. It always carried this sad air to me. Everyone seemed to be in denial. There was always that feel of running out of time, a need to rush. I don't know why I never watched someone else play it.

  33. Soft Sounds says

    Where have I heard the default shooting gallery music from? I keep think it's supposed to have lyrics. Where have I heard that?

  34. EndyHawk says

    ZorAlgomusic at the end, there.

  35. DeltaKnight says

    Cringy as it is, when Vinny put on the Zora mask the first time, I played the Mask TAS theme song.Mood music aside, I'm so happy that so many people are banding together to put this Chinese bat-spit created mega flu bug down.Vinny, instead of being sad you're 35 like Tingle, be happy that this birthday helped save many lives. Be proud, dude.

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