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  1. Dyo Hadi Naufal says

    yooo vikram got me dead ??

  2. Ed Sharp says

    Vis actually said invincible is off ??

  3. Dylandans says

    Jamz laugh can turn anything into a violation ???


    Move your defensive line higher. You’ve got too much space between your defenders and attackers

  5. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  6. Reece Barton says

    Go attacking then drop to positive when winning

  7. B says

    9-0 against rivals….. GET VIKRAM OUT! Hes got casey, davis, poveda and struijk all playing when theyre league one fodder maybe edging championship at this point and I bet the guy was on attacking/very attacking when hes 5-0 down trying to win goals back which never works just get pumped even further like we see

  8. Aux says

    Why does he buy so many strikers?

  9. A D says

    Mannys first season…. Nah I dont want him I need players for nowAfter 1 seasonSigns all young unproven players….

  10. boygiant1 says

    Does Manny play the same formation for more than one game? ?

  11. Jaleel Green says

    Manny the Audio for some of these guys are too low. I can barley hear Vikk crying ?

  12. GrEEN_MachinE MB says

    All the viks get bullied

  13. Valdrescy FC says

    I swear this whole series is funnier then my some of my favorite comedy show lol!

  14. Snowflake says

    Ngl I misread the title and thought it said Vik

  15. Louie Smith says

    Stop changing formation so much you need your players to get use to one formation its like real life

  16. Blastoise111 says

    My stomach was hurting watching this man, making me crease ??

  17. Sir 96 says

    Jamz is jokes lmfao. And Drew’s discord name ?

  18. elliott v says

    Vikkram moyes

  19. Dan Wt says

    Manny you should get Zouma, and Bernard for Maxine

  20. Arun Jagarlamudi says

    this fm session was jokes cuz of jamz.

  21. Rory Single says

    Manny mate listen to me do shot on goal and early cross, with distribute with full backs, pass the balls through the middle with over laps on Both sides

  22. Malakai Hamilton says

    It’s getting annoying w them looking at custom tactics

  23. Greased Bears says

    bullying Vikram makes this dead feels bad for the guy

  24. Ben Barton says


  25. Tayfun Demirkan says

    everyone had dead transfers expect Viz mad

  26. Daniel Brown says

    play 5-2-1-2 st max at cam

  27. Archie Richardson says

    This series is so intriguing yano, shame more people don’t watch it

  28. QXD NInjA says

    Your getting destroyed because you just play positive the whole against every team. You need to switch between attacking/positive and cautious depending on if your away or against a top team

  29. Alex says

    manny just hammering these vids out, keep it coming best series on youtube atm ❌?

  30. Shan Yarg says

    On a real Manny, your Football Manager content (videos and streams) have kept me sane over lockdown. I'd hardly watched a video of yours beforehand but this content has been so entertaining – thank you for getting more people into the game.

  31. anadoo Vershima says

    "What's the point of having a link when you're both dumb & dumber ? ? ?"Aye, we are not hearing from Vikram. Wake him up. Entertained the whole of last season. #VikramNeedsAirtime.Respect, Manny??

  32. Sam Hotze says

    Bro this man said the link is just dumb and dumber had me rolling ?

  33. Sean Goodwin says

    Vik be the type of manager in training forever shouting next goal wins

  34. Shaq says

    Honestly Manny lad, it is so frustrating to see you complain about the players when you´re wayyyyy off system-wise. If you honestly want to win games you should try reading some threads on the Sigames forums, understand how the match engine works and then think how it would play out in REAL LIFE football. How tf does it make sense to play a winger cutting in, a box-to-box occupying the same space and a IWB tucking in instead of keeping the width?

  35. marvin huraira says

    The suffering won't end manny till you bin the entire defence and goalie

  36. Nathan S C says

    Manny always complains about players then leaves them in the next game, makes no sense

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