Vlog: What to expect in a Computer Science course


Being pretty near graduation now, I decide that, by reflecting upon my own experience, answer some of the most commonly asked questions by people new to or considering a computer science course.

This video is long and rambly, so have it go in the background if you like! Or, if you prefer, click the following timestamps to skip ahead!

0:00 Introduction
0:59 Preface / About Myself
2:27 Qn1 – What does a computer science student do?
4:05 Qn2 – Is there a lot of math in computer science?
6:13 Qn3 – Do I need a programming / computing background?
7:40 Qn4 – What can I do to cope better if I don’t have any background?
9:01 Qn5 – I dislike / fear / am bad at programming. Would this be a problem?
10:33 Qn6 – Why are topics like graphics and media part of Computer Science?
11:18 Qn7 – Why must I implement algorithm X when it already exists out there?
12:19 Qn8 – How do I do well in Computer Science?
15:47 Conclusion

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  1. infamousnetwork says

    How was the workload and study life in the computer science in NUS specifically? I heard it can get really stressful. How true is that? Any tips to cope?

  2. Mehdi Aitabderrazzaque says

    People i’m 16yo and this is my dreaam,to be a developer and computer scientist❤️

  3. Sky Yeow says

    Thanks for your sharing and explaining ??‍♂️I'm actually just finished my GCE A-Levels and I'm curious about learning programming through Computer Science degree, but I'm kind of worry if I will be able to handle the new stuffs and if I will like them or notIs there any advices??


    when ur doing a double degree…

  5. Himanshu Swt says

    7:37 hey bro not only in computer science, it is true for life in general. You gotta unlearn a lot of things in your life in general.

  6. Ryan Bandler says

    Here is my course schedule, this seems a little more typical computer science course load for most universities. Only listing relevant courses Year 1:Calculus 1-Intro to programming(java)-Intro to algorithmic design-Computer systems and architecture(assembly language, cpu arch)Year 2:-Calculus 2-Intermediate programming(java)-Building secure web applications Years 3:-Discrete math-Data structures and analysis-Object oriented and concurrent programming -Compiler theory and design(C/C++)Year 4-design and analysis of computer algorithms -Operating systems -Computer graphics -Current trends and projects in computer science (apply pretty much everything we’ve learned into 2 huge projects)

  7. J A says

    I nearly found myself flying kicking into my tv once you said you were bad at math I could not believe it I had to hear it five more times to believe it and here I am. Anyways extremly helpful stuff

  8. Alejandro Tomas Francisco Berto Valenciano-Juarez says

    Why didnt you do an internship? theyre critical to find a job afterwards.

  9. Red Curry says

    Hello bro, i just want to know what math class u had in high school b4 u took computer science in college? Im so confused cuz i dont have pre cal math.

  10. Peachy Raccoon says

    Thank you for this!

  11. Artark Gaming says

    Is being bilingual some sort of advantage in cs?

  12. Nur Iffah says

    We share the same thinking

  13. Stranger Stranger says

    Thank you very much for great video! I was thinking about CS several days so I think I found answer here. I am going to apply for CS at the age of 36, how do you think? I want to get the second new bachelor. Thank you in advance!

  14. Cami- Chinois says

    Nice video and that helped me lot. I was thinking of doing it not because I like it but because I find it has a lot of opportunities and it’s interesting. I was also scared about the maths issue because I always hated math since I was in high school.

  15. Derlina Mora says

    I'm on my Grade 11 this year. I took up ICT class. Thanks for your vlog I lessen my frustration. Love from the Philippines!?

  16. Khanh Nguyen Ngoc says

    It seems that you emphasized a lot about programming. But in my opinion, Computer Science is not about programming.

  17. Kingstone Samuel Showa says

    What are the general basic requirements to be a CS student?

  18. Naman Mayer says

    Have have no coding knowledge can I do an undergraduate course in computing from NUS ?

  19. Scum says

    I've been admitted into every school I applied to for computer science and I'm very excited. I'm already doing AP CS in high school and I like it a lot… But I'm in a pickle cuz one of these colleges (the one I really want to go to) told me that I am going to use math and work with other engineers like aerospace and electrical engineers since their CS is in the engineering college. That sounds overwhelming. Should I try it out and see if I like it or should I just go to the other colleges where CS is it's own college and math won't be so heavy?

  20. Aaron Moon says

    Thanks for your video. My CS course starts next week at Murdoch Uni in Australia. After watching your video, I am a bit nervous but also excited meantime! Fingers crossed!! Thanks, mate, again! p.s.Subscribed!

  21. Asif Sonar says

    so nice video

  22. Swedish_Sadhguru says

    If you study computer science in the US or Asia then you don't have to work hard in uni, especially in Asia where they hand out degrees like candy. But in Scandinavia and Germany standards are much higher and the drop out rate is 70-80% first year, despite only accepting hard working high school students with good grades………it's crazy and sometimes I envy people born in Asia because they don't have to study in uni, meanwhile us people in Sweden need to study 10-12 hours/day in computer science programs just to pass the classes……….

  23. Harkishan sinha says

    fees for 4 years

  24. SomeGameplayVids says

    I'm currently in university and finding my degree quite difficult (getting mid to high passes and a few fails). Will marks be an issue when getting a full time job? I've also heard it's better to do coding competitions and internships, both of which I haven't done. But in my spare time I create video games using the unity game engine with the main aim to keep doing programming and have a portfolio. Is this a good way to show programming skills when getting a software developer job or is it an issue as its programming video games? Also, what is the best way to showcase a portfolio (is a blog page a good idea)?

  25. Omar Zaifulizan says

    I think this is for students in Singapore, not really in the US

  26. Abudi Taweel says

    If i want to become game designer / director. Should i study cs or go straight to game designing?

  27. Leo Granato says

    thanks for sharing this

  28. Ja’ball Saqlin says

    Very well spoken, thank you.

  29. YouganBear says

    Im a senior in highschool but i have no experience in coding whatsoever but i love computers. I work hard in school and get good grades (mostly A's and some B's). If i work hard, pay attention and ask questions, do yo think i can make it through?

  30. Sam Rashid says

    do u like kpop

  31. Sam Rashid says

    thank u man u helped a lot

  32. Just Reveals says

    Can someone please tell me if this “career” is very helpful for meI’m very good at editing, use of technology, programming, so I’m just a freshman, and I’m not decided, if this career very beneficial for me since I only work with computers?

  33. Christopher Tuncap says

    It really does matter what concentration you are in the Computer Science major when it comes to math.I am a Computer Science major with a concentration in Computer Science. The difference between someone concentrating in CS versus someone concentrating in Information Systems is that:Information Systems usually is:- Required math: Stats or Calc 1Computer Science concentration: – required math: Calc 1, Calc 2, Numerical Analysis, Discete Math, Linear Algebra

  34. Uwotm8 says

    This dude looks like a commie propoganda poster

  35. Jay Dela Cruz says

    May I ask how much is your grade average in math please? Did you fail to get the passing average? If so, what did the proffesor do? Please reply ASAP

  36. Rayster Carino says

    Please help me i want to take programming but i dont know which course it is.. is it ICT,IT or COMPUTER SCIENCE

  37. Matthew Pan says

    Do you think it's a good idea for me to go into comp sci if I'm planning to do arts stuff on the side? I just want my major to be something stable, but I'm scared I won't have enough time or energy to do other unrelated stuff.

  38. Brendon Fryar says

    i am looking to major in CS and you're very encouraging and making me less stressed and more optimistic thanks!!

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