1. LilKenz says

    Full highlight ->> https://youtu.be/RsMX2c1Ur5A

  2. Joseph Portocarrero says

    How stupid Lampard can be?To play with one man less?   Loftus Cheek is a media product to steal Chelsea money! ….. Who idiot dont know that? …. No pace, no effort,  no speed,  no sacrifice, no correct positioning in the field, no team work, not a single creative pass to the strikers….. is this the first time we saw this? NO  …. Time again and again but the estupid mánager put him on the pitch 60 minutes and kept in the bench Ross Barkley?

  3. Crisnner Serrano says

    Wow thirsty clout clickbait page

  4. allthatihave14 says


  5. jul 1211 says

    Yes yes yes chelsea the best team

  6. Julipro08 says


  7. Boyka Disoosa says


  8. Mr Brown bird says

    This is fake

  9. Jasmine Salum says

    Good pley

  10. Azzam Fauzan says

    Palakau odading 3-0

  11. roni imel says


  12. NMR07 says

    jingan 3-0… laporkan

  13. hyunsung Choi says

    이게 왜 20시간 전인지 아시는 한국인 없나요

  14. Nathanael Koh says

    Click bait video. Completely misleading

  15. joshua Hernandez says

    Que falso tu públicidad.!!

  16. Hizkia Kristamtomo says

    3-0 tenyata 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  17. Xavi Jiménez Fernández says

    Where is the 3-0? So silly this video

  18. Kausar Hamdanii says


  19. Dan Blessing entertainment says



    u guys actually felt for this lol

  21. Angling Darma says

    Ngaco 3-0 darimana …kebanyakan minun obat cacing neh…

  22. Vi 11 says


  23. Ridho Al fiqri says

    Pembohong (lay)

  24. ??? says

    It's good that my Chelsea is doing so well, but the camera is shaking so much that it's uncomfortable to see.^^

  25. ian jimmy says

    already report. this is such a shame false video

  26. You Gaming says

    Anh fan của đội nào trong EPL vậy ,em là Arsenal.

  27. Ayedola Amaru says

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  28. John steven Thesman says

    ini uji coba

  29. Rise in Thunder says

    hope u see this Allez allez allez Remix for Chelsea fans We have conquered all of Europe We r never gonna stop From Paris down to turkey we beat Liverpool a lotFrank lampard and sarriWe come from Stamford bridge We r loyal supporters Liverpool sucks Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea we roast all the teams with hakim Ziyech Kia havertz Werner r supreme

  30. Kela Wati says

    Report this account

  31. Asep Angga26 says


  32. rajiv says

    Title of this video is totally clickbait

  33. hasan cs says


  34. Imam Hafiz says

    Langsung cek livescore

  35. rohmin jk says

    berbau penipuan,

  36. Bayu Gtg says

    tidak sesuai judul, hooooaaaxxx

  37. Muhammad Jalall says

    Gua mau report ini akun

  38. Fortuna_Certus says

    His next video title . Aston Villa 2-2 Sheffield UTD but there was only 1 goal in the highlights.

  39. febrian syah says


  40. Ilham Kusmadi says

    Aku laporin kau cook

  41. Альберт pochíñkí says

    Hye guys, dont forget to report and unlike.. thanks

  42. Dds Chanel says


  43. Langkah DK says


  44. Max Is Schnauzy says

    Can you please not clickbait

  45. Obito Uchiha says

    Junk content 🖕

  46. Obito Uchiha says


  47. Obito Uchiha says


  48. Obito Uchiha says


  49. Obito Uchiha says


  50. Obito Uchiha says


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