Walkman Meets ANDROID: Sony NW-A105 Review


For the 40th anniversary of Walkman, Sony’s got a major update to their line of portable digital audio players. The Sony NW-A105 is an Android-based device that’s got no SIM card, but DOES have a headphone jack. If you find yourself longing for wired headphones and physical audio controls, the A105 Walkman should have your attention.

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  1. Super* Review says

    If you ask "Why would someone use a Walkman instead of a phone?" probably don't join the Super* Discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZBpXZnp

  2. KickAssets says

    Great review. Can you add an app such as Line or Whatsapp and talk to people with voice on that? Can you record audio while walking? And what would I need to make either of those happen? I'm in Japan and debating if the 30,000en is worth it to spend on this or shall i wait for something else.

  3. DreamJuice420 says

    Alright I’m looking into DAPs, recently got tidal. But where would you recommend getting music worthy of one of these? That doesn’t rely on a steaming service’s library

  4. Beine Jr Beinezon says

    Good Sound , not by much , the negative with it is the sound is very low, either my ears are damaged or it is to low volume "EDIT" I updated the walkman, now it rocks as it should ! =)"EDIT"

  5. Dennis Plester says

    Coming in late but would appreciate some advice. I’ve lost my A55 and am feeling very lost without it. My main use was my personal FLAC library and did not overly miss the pack of app support etc. Other main use case was as a DAC from a work laptop occasionally. I once or twice used it as a Bluetooth receiver to stream to some of my wired only headphones as well. (‘Cause I could!)I am much more invested in Tidal now when it does come to streaming, which I did miss with my m55. So, I am about to buy a replacement. Which one would you suggest in my position and why? Aside from network access if that is a minor use for me up to now, I like the move to usb-c. Any advice in the next 24 hours or so would be awesome.

  6. Roy Moses says

    Is just best to leave airplane mode on all the time and just turn it on when u wanna download some apps and maybe run updates . And I don't know anyone that listens to music 15hrs straight without taking a break even if u on a long flight …wish it had a wireless charge ..it would have been awesome ..but it does have USB c …so one cable for earbud , dap, phone , headphone everything !…sweet ?

  7. corsinivideos says

    Shame price is lunacy

  8. BlackPearl says

    OMG…. Android on that!?? noooooooooooooooooooo

  9. george says

    almost 300 quid for a fucking mp3 player.??? Fuck off .Rip off Sony

  10. jerry pacheco says

    Ethan Embry reviews videos now, neat! lol jk…this is one sweet walkman. I love my sony pocket VGF-AP1L, one of my favorite mp3 player designs.

  11. Bladen the 1st says

    Does u need wifi to play music on spotify

  12. Robert Mounsey says

    I assume this requires its own "line" with your Android carrier???

  13. cool User says

    The ipod touch is way better.

  14. SolarizeYourLife says

    Hell no, you can buy an Android PHONE for that price…

  15. Armando Jr Octavio says

    What foams do you have for your KSC75?

  16. Monsur Bakare says

    Great review. Pls, what's the earphone name @ 22:23 ? It looks nice

  17. Jjanne11 says

    This review helped, thank you. That battery life is just awful, going probably with the NW-55 next.

  18. Will Hall says

    Lol just buy an iPod for the same price

  19. schizogony says

    Does this support Tidal Offline?

  20. Dr23rippa says

    Anyone remember the Samsung YP K5 ? Sliding speaker and the sound from those was amazing!

  21. Alok Jain says

    Hi thanks for the review can I connect my Sony wireless ear buds to this device through Bluetooth rather than using a wired ear phone

  22. Richard Snider says

    Because of your excellent videos, I just bought it, but I would love some suggestions on the best methods to transfer music to the device. I have PC, not Apple. Just use old CD's? Or? Thanks!

  23. Graham A J says

    How would you rate this player anyone against the HiBy R5… + and – points

  24. Barock Johnson says

    I’m here so music doesn’t take space on my phone ?

  25. CT says

    I was about to get one of these until I discovered a major downside to using Android apps on the Sony A105. Sony has limited the audio quality on all of the apps outside of the walkman app to 48 kHz/16-bit, meaning you can only listen to Hi-Res audio in full quality in the Sony app. Other Android apps like Tidal and Amazon Music HD etc that offer Hi-Res content will be limited to 48 kHz/16-bit. This is unfortunate for me because I have more Hi-Res content than can fit on a 512 GB SD card, and I'd like to stream my own Hi-Res files with Plex. Thoughts on this? Thanks for the review!EDIT: Actually, it looks like they just updated the Walkman as of May 28 and now Hi-Res streaming with apps is available!

  26. ny run says

    Does this have a queue song function?

  27. Dima Matskevych says

    Hi, what do you think, if compare this device and fiio m3k whether there is a significant difference ?

  28. Spazza42 says

    The worst feature is Android. It’s a horribly inefficient OS that gets next to no support by its respective manufacturer. The OS is outdated as soon as it’s released and bugs only get squashed a year after buying it. If you’re buying a Sony DAP get one with their Linux based OS – no frills, amazing battery life and it just works. Otherwise, buy an iOS device for listening to music only….

  29. YPO6 says

    Wish they just made simple player with good eq and battery life but no internet stuff.

  30. Humans R Ants says

    Just got the NW-A105 it charged up a lot faster than my Galaxy phone using my RAVPower USB Charging Station about an hour nearly fills it. I can tell it to download music from Tidal to the SD card but I cant tell it to install apps to the SD card, no problem as long as I don't add photos to it otherwise not enough space for an update. For joggers the NW-A105 is the most ideal with its physical buttons and lock and smaller size and weight than a phone, for use at home the Fiio M11 with its larger screen would be better. Thanks for your review.

  31. anthoni simon says

    Wish Sony could give us bigger battery for Walkman, especially Android operated ones

  32. 諸葛孔明 says

    「iフィルター」is security Application in Japan. This application protect kids by danger contents.

  33. Chris Gough says

    Interesting, you can store all your FLACs etc in a cloud service and download wherever you are…

  34. Humans R Ants says

    Does it use Tidals MQA?

  35. Joseph Bonifacio says

    Just picked one up, but my touch screen is often unresponsive. Is that pretty normal for this player?

  36. *Linkzy Zeus* says

    so, it’s basically an ipod, but with android

  37. Sky says

    Too bad, battery life really sucks

  38. Mahatab Mahat says

    Worst background music ever

  39. Adam Z says

    OMG. As i see the Menue i asked myself: will this make my Life easyer?I think NO.

  40. Chase Cartwright says

    Am I able to play YouTube on these Android walkmans? I use YouTube minimized at work…looking for something other than ipod

  41. V. Z. says

    Hm.. okay… 350 dollars? Um, no.

  42. V. Z. says


  43. sacca email says

    i saw google maps app, can it run whatsapp?

  44. SpectaculeX says

    Man, Sony always has these super slick stylish designs. No wonder the new PS5 controller also looks fantastic.

  45. Zaid Younis says

    I like how he paused NW-A not NWA "niggas with attitude"??

  46. B A says

    Awesome, so maybe this one can handle Apple music app, too bad the battery life is a bit lacking. I want to start listening my music with better quality, so this may be a start. Thank you!

  47. Charles Hines says

    Do any of those have a camera too? I know Sony makes phones with excellent cameras anyhow.

  48. Andy R says

    I bought this player some four months ago (about the same time this video was published), and yes, its battery life is very disappointing. You might need to carry it with a battery bank. Otherwise, the sound is great.

  49. Cristiano Oliveira Amaro Ferreira says

    The most beautiful design and the better excellent size for any hand! With just one important observation… Sony should have built it with making and receiving call smartphone capability too! I would even buy a new kind of Sony Samrtphone if they would make it phisicaly identical with the same design and size of this Sony NW-A105!

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