War Thunder Soundtrack: Naval Battle Music 15


This song is called “Presentiment to Battle”
Recorded by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra

You can buy the soundtrack here:

Some songs, including the main theme, aren’t available for purchase, so you can get them for free here:

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  1. Baron Sionis says

    When the torpedo is bigger than the boat

  2. eaglerocks123 says

    The battle against the main imperial fleet had just finished hours ago, yet imperial forces remaining have broken off and started attacking Guadalcanal. American forces realizing this have sent a couple frigates and destroyers to engage and eliminate the remaining forces. in the distance they saw smoke realizing ground forces were already under attack. racing as fast as they can they encounter enemy resistance of small boats, frigates and corvettes. Like the giant monsters of the Imperial fleet they are just as dangerous and tenacious, yet lives are in danger if the small force doesn't make it so they push ahead. Ever getting closer the sound of splashing water from incoming machine gun fire and now increasing shell rounds as markers of there approach yet without fear the small American fleet continue on. the crews ready, the guns armed. Into battle they go.

  3. Ruron says

    i love this one.

  4. Ambush Akula says

    the american fleet begins to send its best units to sink the remaining japanese ships attacking Guadalcanal

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