Warhammer 2 Imrik is OP!! Total War is a Perfectly balanced Game With No Exploits! Dragon Only Army


The warden and paunch DLC released last week with fantastic success in bringing fun back to the greenskin factions. However the DLC saw yet another update to the elves making them yet again studpidly powerful. I am of course not talking about the new dlc legendary lord but instead the free bonus lord Imrik. He is the lord of dragons and thanks to the new updates the most powerful lord to mess about with. He can lead a dragon only army which is crazy op and able to melt just about all late game opposition by swarming them with fully upgraded monsters of fire who can solo armies by themselves. I love warhammer 2 total war and this dlc is everything I love in a grand strategy game. New armies new abilities and crazy overpowered new strategies and combos.

So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if Total War Warhammer 2 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if the overpowered dragons are broken!!

This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit!

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Title: Warhammer 2 Imrik is OP!! Total War is a Perfectly balanced Game With No Exploits! Dragon Only Army

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  1. Shaun Beefhammer says

    I paused the video right after the intro to tinkle, but I came back with a cup of tea for some reason

  2. Charlie Hansen says

    I have to wonder if you've ever played skaven in campaign. Auto-delete any army if you trap them in a settlement, especially nasty as clan skryre

  3. inceptori says

    and then you play woodelves.

  4. James Ross says

    A song of ice & fire… and acid lots of acid.

  5. Einar Meijer says

    "Because this is quite possibly the best total war game ever, after of course Rome:TW" you just summarised my life in one sentence.

  6. 5h0rgunn says

    A moment of silence for the pegasus knights who, upon seeing ten dragons and a phoenix dogpile their lord, clenched their teeth and entered legend with lances lowered. Truly, there never lived a braver band of men.

  7. Pandy says

    Great video, just a tiny thing that I need to correct, in the first battle against the dwarf you said longbeards are a very powerful late game units but they are actually more early mid game. Ironbreaker are the late game melee units.

  8. Heimskr, Prophet of Talos says

    The CHAD FREE SUPER SOLDIER vs. the virgin pay-to-lose knife-eared batman

  9. Lavan Fisher says

    I like elves i don't know why

  10. Andréas says

    When you said Rome Total War was the best game of all time: I cried of happiness

  11. Dungeons and Dobbers says

    Reminds me of my Malekith Bullshit army. Literally Malekith and 19 Black Dragons.Nigh unstoppable.

  12. Evaniel says

    Imrik is not a mage, though.

  13. Daniel Higgins says

    He’s not an Orc he’s a Gobbo

  14. piet veerman says

    oh look now i've got 6 dragons burning cities it's so easy… I need 2 full armies specialy early game to kill their insane force + the dragon itself just to get one

  15. Tau Shasla says

    Memerik, Lord of Airlizards

  16. Vaffel Drengen says

    Ur playing on easy so stop the op talk moron

  17. humansRpepul2 says

    Flameo Hotman!

  18. Lieuwe de Wolf says

    A massive upgrade to this army would be more dragons, no spears and archers and instead one unit of shadow warriors on the ground wich the enemy will never find. Perhaps a little lore of life wouldnt hurt as well

  19. Richard Wiswell says

    Legend of total war just did a video on the wood elves. Limitless armies . He had 6.8 mil deficit per turn and was perfectly fine

  20. MrWhosaskin1 says

    Imrik is some silly silly fun once he gets going, but he's a bit of a pain until then. And it's too bad that (literally) every time I've tried confederating Caledor via the event it's been in the midst of its dying breath against Noctilus and rebellions.

  21. Sage Schispell says

    I'm actually having trouble breathing cause I'm laughing so hard at the plight of Baron Thegan, "Hello, are you alright in there? Are you having a fun time…?"This is glorious and I want to do this xD

  22. frolof says

    Eltharion is actually OP.

  23. Jed Haney says

    lol, my first playthrough I had Imrik flying around on his dragon with the fire mage on a dragon you get a start, a life mage and then a army of nothing but all the named dragons from the quest battles and a assortment of sun, moon and star dragons… this was by far my cheapest army, as by the end each dragon costs 0 upkeep… total cost of this doom stack… 1001 gold…

  24. HannibalKing says

    not sure id consider this as much of an exploit rather then you just playing the game and stacking stats and attrabutes to get stronger, but i thought thats just gameplay

  25. Skusioh says

    -80% upkeep is just nuts and unheared of for any other faction except morghur who gets chaos brutes for 0 upkeep fully upgradet.

  26. Mynadar says

    So you recruit unique dragons over time? That is pretty cool but tbh I expected this would be the Norska experience as well from the Norska Intro, but you just get to recruit few monsters which can be train in normal way anyway (and to defeat the monsters army you need your own army be so strong that the monster is not even a big power boost at that point anyway 🙁 ). Too bad they did not expand the monster recruiting idea with Norska further :Z.

  27. Arda Özkan says

    randomly dissing the Frech lol

  28. Pepper Mill says

    Dragons fighting Dwarves, classic!

  29. Giovanne Baracho says

    You should be Knighted…

  30. Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane says

    You are encouraged to name you’re hero’s after Targaryen’s and if your heroes can’t get dragon mounts why are you using them lol ?

  31. MrStrawk says

    there is no archmage anymore………………………………………… why ????

  32. Jesus Modesto says

    Spiffing Brit, first of his name, breaker of chains, father of dragons, etc etc etc xD

  33. Enan undefeated says

    No one:Spiff: C H U M P Y S H O O T B O Y S

  34. kohoto says

    When you sent all the dragons in to get the baron I literally laughed so hard I cried. What where his final words I wonder as the sun was blocked out by the dragon bois.

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