Warhawks Meet First Ranked Opponent | NCAA Football 14 Dynasty – Ep.240


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  1. Milo McCabe says

    Let's go Badgers!

  2. isak_dinesen14 says

    Josh Vincent was wide open.

  3. Jarrod Mccann says

    How many high school recruits can you make in one season?

  4. chenrayen says


  5. Chaot1c Jack says

    I believe you lost this because you didn’t run with him Jackson enough. He is the type that needs consecutive snaps to break the GODDAMN DEFENSE. The running game opens your are attack. All I have to say

  6. Blake Eyking says

    Vincent was so open on that final pick it’s not even funny, sad to see you lose games like this

  7. Justin DiRoberto says

    i noticed jim jackson runs better outside with a lineman that pulls. just an fyi/opinion

  8. Justin DiRoberto says

    i don’t think that the o line likes him jackson

  9. faustianWhitney MamieBolton says


  10. Maxwell Bristol says

    This is the exact same game of the game Vs Nebraska last year

  11. Aqua King says

    When does Kallispell do flexbone?

  12. Ride Along Gamers says

    You need to slightly lower those pass rushing sliders bro. It's unrealistic how quickly they get in the backfield every play.

  13. bomplete says

    The final game of the series should be a dual com with Blackjack

  14. NarrZiss says

    Luke "Jameis Winston" Irvin is back. Sad to see you lose this game.

  15. Felipe Ernlund says

    Wow this game was just horrible1. Redd can't tackle to save his life2. Why are calling concepts that you clearly don't know how to read? Literally the first read in that Levels concept, that originated the 1st pick, was wiiiide open3. "A little late" on that 2nd pick is a huge understatement mate4. Terrible RZ playcalling. That's the kind of thing that gets an OC fired immediately irl5. This line is hot garbage

  16. Aztec218 says

    Kalispell fans have weathered some less than impressive qb play, especially in the early years when top talent was hard to come by, but Irvin is by far the worst qb in school history. All that arm talent, and nothing but broken promises and dashed hopes to show for it. I hate him. I miss Warren.

  17. Westo's Corner says

    Shades of Melvin Gordon in the Minnesota Dynasty

  18. DaKing04 says

    What's with RBs named Jason slaughtering Kalispell's defense?I'm sorry

  19. DolFan316 says

    With its worst O-line and D since Season 2 and Irvin playing worse the longer he's around, I can't see how this team will win another game this season. ???

  20. Brandon Bennett says

    Another Luke Irvin, Man.

  21. DolFan316 says

    LMAO@Brothers replacing Jackson in the Heisman race off one game ?

  22. DolFan316 says

    23:53 This play sums up Irvin's entire college career.

  23. mustafa abduar-razzaq says

    getttt chambers more looks he's a playmaker

  24. DolFan316 says

    Can we just pretend everything after 14:38 never happened?

  25. DolFan316 says

    The most horrifying part is that if it wasn't for red zone screwups Wisconsin would've hung 70 on this team ???

  26. DolFan316 says

    Seeing Stanford get clobbered 40-7 by the likes of Arizona St. made me feel a little better until I realized how it totally took all the shine off the game this season.

  27. DolFan316 says

    3:10 I literally have no idea how Wisconsin recovered that fumble even after watching it five straight times ???

  28. lyonharted says

    I'm all for supporting the Warhawks, it's been a lot of fun watching them. But this game?On Wisconsin!

  29. Luke Smit says

    But…but Josh Vincent was completely uncovered on that 3rd and goal interception… He was immediately wiiiiiiiide open in the corner…

  30. William Carter says

    it feels like elliott redd has been there forever

  31. DolFan316 says

    Seeing FSU win after trailing 21-0 VS unranked UNC and RISE from #4 to #3 genuinely triggers and offends me ???

  32. Matt Proctor says

    What an utter collapse by the defense.

  33. DolFan316 says

    When they're not playing Penn St. Kallispell has actually been…kinda mediocre VS the Big Ten in this series. Thank God Cane didn't join the conference or else he'd be finishing 6th or 7th.

  34. DolFan316 says

    Meanwhile, Army thrashed Wyoming by 30. The same team that threw for 500 yards and scored 42 on the Warhawks.

  35. Fatboifresh 305 says

    Wisconsin is 1 of those schools u don’t care to watch but u gotta respect they produce talent

  36. reid hawkins says

    You suck at playing the safety lol

  37. drgapinski says

    Irvin has the arm of an Elway or Luck, but the mental fortitude of a Vikings kicker.

  38. Caleb Mathis says

    23:55 LMFAO. Those 3 points off that first interception were really costly huh

  39. 37willdog says

    Is Jonathan Murray the brother of Jason Murray?

  40. John Weaver says

    Could you do a rebuild of UCLA in this game

  41. Zack Haselius says

    Sharrod Edwards is now tied with Carl Joyce for the most receiving TDs in Kalispell history with 27 each.

  42. Braydn Minnich says

    I can’t believe people watch this

  43. Known Donut29 says

    Wisconsin’s Coach Gus Duggerton was ready for this game

  44. Spencer Phillips says

    Why not keep Kalispell going, but have them conquer every Power 5 conference? Just a thought.

  45. THE WaMbAt AGF says

    When I tell you I saw that late rz pick coming… thought to myself after that run for a loss on 2nd down "Damn, Cane is gonna call a pass play that has a bunch of routes converging in the middle and will throw a pick"

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