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Amp up your in-game plays by injecting new beats into classic League of Legends tunes. Warsongs is a new collection of remixed songs to accompany your competitive climb during the 2016 Season, and it’s yours to download below. If you’re queueing up in ranked, you should be queuing up Warsongs.

Download the album here:

1. Piercing Light (Mako Remix)
2. Edge of Infinity (Minnesota Remix)
3. Welcome to Planet Urf (Jauz Remix)
4. PROJECT: Yi (Vicetone Remix)
5. Flash Funk (Marshmello Remix)
6. Let The Games Begin (Hyper Potions Remix)
7. Worlds Collide (Arty Remix)
8. The Glory (James Egbert Remix)
9. The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)
10. Lucidity (Dan Negovan Remix)
11. Silver Scrapes (ProtoShredanoid Remix)

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Music of League of Legends Vol. 1:

You can check out Marshmello here:
Instagram: @marshmellomusic

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  1. Ramadhan Adhi says

    2020 Anyone ??

  2. Souhail Ayoub says


  3. Mad Studios says

    Is this Song Copy Righted i want to use it

  4. 전사 says

    야옹해 바바

  5. Denis aka hydratedwig4607 is stupid says

    ¶ [ ¶

  6. Samia Ansari says

    like marshmellocomment alan walker

  7. Daniel A says

    I literally started playing league cause of this song

  8. Pako says


  9. TheBrytoxDD says


  10. Jennifer Smith says

    You can definitely hear marshmallow in the drops

  11. Ashi says


  12. ILLENIUM says

    Wonder marchmello is in two game

  13. ** says

    지덥은 진짜 레전드다

  14. OHSON says

    I'm here after tomorrowland 2017 of Belgium ?

  15. Ahmet Bozkurt says

    efsane lan dehşet bi gaz veriyor loldeyken

  16. Ayoub Chemali says

    2020 (つ・﹏・)つ ⊂(・﹏・⊂)

  17. Marc Ribas says

    grasia marshmello por ser una persona que ahora mismo me haga jugar con mi amigo leirus 🙂

  18. Seyhan Stoynev says


  19. BOCOLLL says


  20. Taska Do Afonso Carpinteiro / Ye3t says

    I'm just here because of marshmello, I don't like LoL xD

  21. AKB BKA says

    No puedo dejar de escucharlo jodeerrrr

  22. 이승보 says

    아니 싫어요 누를거면 왜 봄

  23. Devansh Barai X-D says

    Who thinks marshmello should make a song for pubg???

  24. Alejandro Da rosa says

    la cuarentena me hizo recordar a esta joyita

  25. Itz BiBa says

    marshmellow makes it 69 % times better

  26. 크닭완전 says

    marshmello's rank?Bronze

  27. Dachey Le says

    After 4 years of being stuck in my head, I finally found you.

  28. L.H says

    I hate it when people do a comment and then do the EDIT: Thanks for the likes! 🙂

  29. Luis Felipe says

    The inhibitor before being destroyed:

  30. Anime linck says


  31. BIG banana says

    The good old times??

  32. Get Ganked says

    had 2 hrs to finish assignment this helped hahaa

  33. SilverYO says

    Very Great SONG!!!!

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