Was GTA 6 Trailer TEASED in Music Video for The Weekend & Will GTA 6 Be Announced Tomorrow? No.


GTA 6 Trailer Teased in a music video? No. Will GTA 6 be announced TOMORROW? No.

GTA 6 Teaser Music Video (Go to 0:56):


There’s a lot of GTA 6 news to wrap up this week. Firstly, it was noticed today that in a music video for the song “Blinding Lights” – The Weekend that at 0:56 in on the left side of the screen “GTA 6 Trailer” can be seen. This was because this is an animated music video that Tik Tok fans were able to be apart of via a chat. This song has also been the subject to GTA 6 fans claiming this would be the perfect song for GTA 6. As for the announcement of GTA 6, fans seem to think that there’s a chance of GTA 6 announcement happening tomorrow at Sony’s PS5 even. This most likely wont happen at all. Instead a GTA 5 PS5 trailer will probably be shown. Hopefully this time, if they do, there won’t be PS3 footage and we will see that “entirely new location” in GTA 5 that Rockstar teased back in July. And lastly, GTA 5 actors are roasting desperate GTA 6 fans. These videos are fun to make and it’s hilarious to me that people hate without watching and try to say, “Zac you are lying to the community.” No, you’re just an idiot and got too excited to write your little cry baby comment that you didn’t even watch the video and listen to me explain why all of this isn’t what it seems.

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  1. ZacCoxTV says

    Lots of stuff to cover regarding GTA 6 today. It's pretty interesting, watch the whole video to watch Michael and Franklin roast GTA 6 fans. Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoy.

  2. zaya lenzer says

    ps5 events tomorrow .5 propability of what Rockstar games would do :1) release of gta 6 on ps5 2)release of gta 5 on ps53)release of rdr2 on ps5 4)release of bully 2 on ps5 (i would go crazy )5)or do nothing and sit there for no reason .

  3. Jerry Parker says

    Honestly …where Rockstar went wrong was not being consistent while we wait for GTA 6, I feel they should’ve made GTA 5 trilogies within these years. Like an “Episodes From Los Santos” or “San Andreas Stories”, if so we probably wouldn’t be as desperate for 6 like we are ! – they focused too much Online 🚮

  4. Eli Pawadyira says

    In gta 6

  5. Eli Pawadyira says

    The song should be on the radio station

  6. iShowStuff says

    Lmaoo if you think that they were showing a music video and some random mf decided to type in GTA 6 Trailer 😂

  7. IPlaysalot says

    Zac Zac Zac , imma be honest with ya here.As a big fan , i really want you to upload gameplay videos of gta 5 , maybe fall guys or Among us.I am not saying that you make bad content BUT i really wanna see some gameplay here.I have been a fan for a long time too.Btw no offense or hate.I just wanna see some gameplay content.

  8. Rumen Dimitrov says

    What's the graphics mod used in this gameplay?

  9. Super Hamster says

    0:06 Xbox Series S

  10. The Ivan says

    How rockstar started gta 6 will be in mind vr( name is pretty self explanatory

  11. Simon Yuan says


  12. Noyon Shamsuzzoha says

    I don't want GTA6. I want Gta liberty city stories remake

  13. Lalram Thangi says

    What game is that gta 6 beta? Its soo smooth and 100 % GRAPHICS

  14. Vignesh Waran says

    Franklin and Micheal got job for next heist, so supporting so much

  15. Vignesh Waran says

    Bossman going to nuke the tube

  16. David T. Lewis says

    Thanks for the shoutout man! Feels awesome to be in a ZacCoxTV video! 🙏 but great video again! 💯

  17. Raimo Lipp says

    how its gta6 got annouced to this time zac i hope it will be the next days

  18. Phantom Duke Playz says

    😂😂😂😂this were comments in the weeknd expirience🤦‍♂️it wasnt pre selected the whole thing was all comments lol

  19. JJAZE Betonio says

    Hey Zack you should checkout this fanmade gta 4 on mobile.

  20. Smiley says

    Never clicked so quick

  21. Jericho.Theophylus Jericho09 says

    Rockstar Games is just annoying

  22. madhukar Tatiraju says

    Rather than having a fully developed huze gta game to only play it for a decade and get bored of it. It would be better to see smaller gta games every 3 to 4 yrs with continuous updates.

  23. Rupesh Mishra says

    Very nice

  24. Filo 224 says

    hi, where is the gameplay from?

  25. Hoovie says

    You need to go outside, uh… sorry

  26. Alex NGO says

    Hey, Zac!!! Can u let's play GTA 5 all missions in old-gen PS3???

  27. Franklin Clinton says

    Love your videos, Zac

  28. The Dank lord says

    I expect in 500 days

  29. Gadhvi Yuvraj says

    At ps5 event there will rdr 2 ps5 or gta 5 ps5 gameplay…. thats it…

  30. Sam Smith says

    Says it All when they had the conferences last couple month ago and what did we all get gta 5 updated for ps5 Xbox series X so we are not going too get gt6 news till at least 2021-2022 that's my opinion I be 39 then lol 😂

  31. Zack says

    At least Rockstar hears us now and know they need to hurry tf up.

  32. Zack says

    Everyone in the crowd better be booing Rockstar tmr when their showing that GTA 5 trailer

  33. Ronak Nikam says

    We As Fans Only Want Acknowledgement That Next GTA Is In Development

  34. Gaming Street 7 says

    You are doing great 👍🏼 stuff and None gta stuff is also great buddy 🤠 #BiggestFanOfZacCoxTV

  35. Sagacious Saatvik says

    Could you please cover up the stuff of that Sony meeting?

  36. I am Josh says

    Zac take a look at this video The song by the weekend blinding lights perfectly matches for gta 6 Obviously it's fake but it actually matches really well not many people know about this 👇👇https://youtu.be/LjvTOGbtXAM

  37. Sagacious Saatvik says

    Taylor Swift released Folklore without ever mentioning. Can't Rockstar do that with GTA 6?

  38. Let's Game It says

    If Any One Is Reading This Comment Including Mr.ZacCox. I used To Work As A Employee For RockStar North I was In The Graphics Unit for Rockstar North. I was sacked out Of The Company I don't Know Why.But I can Tell You All That Before I was sacked .I used to working as the graphics unit for Grand Theft Auto: Six And It was Going To Launch In April 16 2020.But At time Ps5 Was Not launched and GTA Six has a huge amount of Technical Requirements. That Can only Be Completed By Amazing Hardware Like The PS5

  39. Carlton Banks says

    3 more months until 2004 and still no leaks or updates on GTA 6 smh.

  40. MarvelousTV says


  41. Sree Sachin says

    PLot Twist: GTA Online is GTA VI

  42. kita and craig Jope says

    @Zacoxtv there will be no gta 6

  43. Colemanac says

    1:27 typical mustang, looking for crowds

  44. Miasjb3 says

    6:25 uhhh because he's making money

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