Watch This Before You Say No To Maximum Football 2019!


This video covers the defensive gameplay posted by Canuck Play themselves. This game is shaping up to be a big step forward in the franchise’s development, and you can tell this team is doing everything they can to improve this game for the better. Enjoy!

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  1. Shawn says

    Really great to see some other football games. Maybe the light at the end of this dark age of sports games is closer than it looks… also if you're on PC check out Axis Football, another up and coming franchise.

  2. cadeflynn24 says

    Only issues I've had like with 2018 is after so many plays I'd not be able to control anyone on defense..

  3. Anthony Quagliano says

    This game looks like trash. I love what they’re doing and the progress they’re making, but it’s still a subpar product. Imma just keep playing NCAA Football 14 for now


    Bruh anybody that's buying this need to go get checked for CTE


    This video was like someone farted in my mouth!! NASTY ASS GAME!! ??

  6. zeroice008 says

    Im getting it to support the movement

  7. Jacob Carson says

    This game could possibly be better than any game by EA with a couple of years to work on it

  8. Xmanz 777 says

    The problem is there is no forward motion, at 1:29 to 1:31 that ball should be at the 29 but it’s at the 27 because that’s where he was tackled

  9. Shawty Hoss Savage says

    For this game to grow its need some help i think making it available on game pass on Xbox just competition for madden is big I'm so tired of EA bullshit

  10. Steven Cruz says

    Great stuff love the breakdown definitely a first day buy .

  11. Edward Jones says

    I might buy it

  12. Edward Jones says

    This game looks decent

  13. (((Soundafek))) says

    Why do the graphics look dated?

  14. Akumaa2000 says

    I’ll be picking this up to support the game, I like the 100% total customization not to mention we finally have something other than madden for everyone’s football fix……..subscribed.

  15. Commander Watchman says

    I watched the video and still say no to Maximum Football 19. I own 2 copies of NCAA Football 14 on Xbox 360. I'm good like that. Besides I don't play games with last generation graphics on current generation gaming consoles. ????.Have one on me.

  16. Eric Place says

    Gameplay looked a bit compressed/blurry (I’ve watched it ~10 times before this video #Patreon ?), but overall, great video! You’re the first guy on YouTube to do a breakdown of this footage, and you did it well. Got yourself a new sub 🙂

  17. Ryan ??? says

    I'll get it. Anything but Madden.

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