1. Javi Merca says

    Number 2 should be number 1

  2. Shelle Wetsch says

    #2 pooped on #1

  3. timkaaaaa says

    whats the intro song?!

  4. roman huttl says

    Serieusly what is the name of the background song?

  5. K1LL3R0FCH1LL3R says

    how?he got carepackage, harrier and choppergunner as killstreaks

  6. Tacet Mors says

    @snappy151 yes my comment is letting people know of this humorous line xD

  7. Kevin Doan says

    I miss this intro

  8. Erick Hernandez says

    numba 2 was just epic

  9. Tacet Mors says

    lol turn on transcribe audio. at 4:18 it says "it looks like the bullshit people last man standing" just LOL

  10. Nuno Teixeira says

    i throw good knifes but he is a master

  11. Ichiban Jordy says

    L0000l number 2 wtf lolololololol

  12. MrItalianmustard says

    @AubsHD Giggity

  13. Dave says

    Comment Removed

  14. TheBradstars says

    num 4 was preety shit lol

  15. Tyler Cole says

    I'm SOOOOO Owinator kick assssssssszzz

  16. Jacob Mullins says

    ^ i ment to say hutch.

  17. Jacob Mullins says

    i love you clutch ur beastz!!@#$%^&*^%$#@

  18. Tom Ryan says

    Thank god a commentator that knows what he is talking about

  19. ExponentSumo says

    Number 2 was fucking awesome and better then number 1 =)

  20. Tony Ji says

    Hutch used to be cool.

  21. Bob Henry says

    i saw a video better than 1, it was demolition i believe and he ran to this spot on rundown and fired in air and the enemy kept spawning right there and he got a chopper gunner in like 10 seconds

  22. sergio rodriguez says

    play 10 his gamertag is my name haha

  23. Palduron says

    pls can anyone tell me the intro song?

  24. wilmin Novas Acosta says


  25. Zachary Fay says

    @he5c6tor1 I agree anyone could get a good multi spry with LUCK (wat the clip was) but it takes skill to get a multi kill with a knife

  26. Zachary Fay says

    @Felixukr I know i have

  27. willy yang says

    i did nr 2! just that i died and i was storming with a sniper….

  28. Pablo Inuzuka says

    @benna108 ive 1 v6 clutched just riot shield just c4 just rpg easy clutchs r easy vs nubs and retards who want last kill ive gotten a 1v6 clutch off nothing but claymores

  29. benna108 says

    @chilwil07 listen to what your saying…

  30. Pablo Inuzuka says

    ive done 1v6 clutch with c4 riot shield and rpgs multiple times

  31. zeickopwns says

    number 2 is from norway ! 😀

  32. TheJadixgx says

    these plays suck

  33. MrDark1000 says

    hey guys looking for that game but free modern warface2 how i can get it :D?

  34. MajorBuzzkillable says

    Number 1 is gr8, especially the cruelty part, but its a bit lucky, number 2 on the other hand is just sick, the man goes in there without tact knife and owns them all, gotta love it

  35. Im Fraqted says

    shotgun rampage! seriously! and throwing knife rampage

  36. prif_k says

    Number 2 is the best.

  37. TheNoobishGamer says

    @Felixukr wheres your clip then?

  38. Malik S. says

    @MaGicScop3s nope

  39. NastyPeekz says

    i still think 2 shouldve been 1

  40. OverKiiiillll says

    No. 2 can go to fking hell. it's just WAAAY too easy to knife in this game. 2 things that most of the poplulation of MW2 does is either 1:noobtube or 2. MLC/MLN/MCN Knife

  41. Lee Sin says

    @MaGicScop3s Nope.

  42. PocitoOofz says

    fuck i go suck a cok

  43. Tboy says

    Number 2 should of been number 1!@!@!@!

  44. BigSwindle says

    greenman is a beast

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