1. calvin foye says

    juicy 1v1 m i bet i will beat you

  2. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  3. Kaiston Sofa says


  4. leostar37 says

    I thought he quit football stars

  5. SimpForKxtara says

    Ult speed o_0 ask someone for exotic speed, even though idk if it's real

  6. GamingWithJay says

    160th Like <3 ur vids

  7. LDONFI _ says

    Juicy john have no typa Dive boost….

  8. BiggestGreenBayFan22 says

    I use to have it

  9. Tsunami persons says

    Hi asian

  10. Moh Boj says

    Top 3 most loudest things 3.Dejis laughs2.KSIs laugh 1. Johns “GIVE ME THAT”

  11. John Moore says

    What does boast mean?

  12. Nick Conz says

    Juicy John Is The Roblox Technoblade

  13. AdenThe_Noob says

    juicy do a vid where if a wr sells the video ends

  14. Lordianboss G.O.A.T says

    NGL, try playing without game passesEdit: if you think you are RAW, you need to try this

  15. ely_dagoatgod 1 says


  16. Inderdeep Grewal says

    Hi juicy john can u add me :TAYVIN3810

  17. Kai Gumbs says

    You best pass vison

  18. Chucky says

    Anyone else thinks all globals be ass sometimes when you play wit them lmaoo

  19. speggy soup says

    kokonut time

  20. Silly the Noob says

    hi john i was wondering if you could play super striker league

  21. John Wilson says


  22. Arsalan Khalid says

    juciy jukes pancakes juciy dimes juciy fadeseverthing is juciy

  23. Antonio Steel says

    Juicy ask playerhasjoined for your youtuber trail cleats

  24. Xenoverse says

    I think theres a intro typo!

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