We back with the KFC wifi!

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  1. don_gaming9 Don says

    Juicy: let’s throw to 34 me: thats 49!

  2. Archersforeal says

    Juicy with the DIMES

  3. Mxsneii says


  4. DeAnna McNeal says

    finnaly yiur ooooolk

  5. Thatkid_jace Gaming says

    I love the part where he says that is diiiiiiiiiang it

  6. verriy ! says

    You are horrid

  7. Julie Ruedaflores says

    the noobs are the best lol

  8. Jack_is_to_ Good says

    Juicy u global??

  9. Joshua Lummer says

    Can I make you a intro pic please

  10. Shaun Mellinger says

    2:50 when u try to pass it to the wrong team lol

  11. IT_NICKAKA says

    No one cares u not even good so 😑

  12. aj lee says

    One day i want to be in ur game so u can dime me because i will dime them

  13. aj lee says

    Im a god at dis game

  14. Tammy Lin says

    I dont think u bave kfc wifi anymore

  15. tgogov says

    hey juicy i was here at 1k.

  16. jojo says

    I would like to see him play FF on mobile it would be interesting

  17. Nathaniel Calixto says

    LEZ GO

  18. KenBeRecording says

    You need a wr??? If so reply

  19. BaconSquad Yeet says

    Yo I wish you were my qb

  20. Gaines Jhekolby says

    Juicy john is my 1st Football roblox player im so glad he back⭐️🔥🔥

  21. Brody Lucas says


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