Welcome to Covid Isle!


Come visit my Animal Crossing Island while you are all bored during quarantine!

My dream address is: DA-8881-3642-7111

I would love to see your dream addresses and maybe I will cover your towns on my channel if that is something you are interested in!

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  1. ExplorerDS6789 says

    OT, did you hear Herman Sugar Cain died today? I'm sure Ghost is devastated.

  2. NavyHuskie says

    This is the North Korea the media doesn't want you to see

  3. Amazin Larry says

    DarkRazorZ in the place

  4. Ardhamon5000 says

    Glad to see you dropping by to post more content dude!

  5. The Real Jesus Christ Himself says

    Is this Texas after the floods?

  6. Chemicaldessert says

    This is quality animal crossing content

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