1. Owesh Diwan says

    The one thing android does better than ios is copying. Apple first introduced touch id, everyone started copying it, then apple introduced full display with a notch, everyone started copying it, then apple introduced gestures instead of home button, everyone started copying it, then apple released airpods, everyone copied the design, then apple introduced apple watch, everyone started copying. Why does every android phone manufacturer copies apple?

  2. waste management says

    I love Android because you can download music off of websites like you're on a computer. iOS you can't do that. And you can manager your files. and it's so stupid when iPhone user say Android it doesn't have better cameras but there's so many cameras and different phones that are Android it kind of makes no sense to say that. The Google pixel three for example has a insane camera that is so far better than apples camera.

  3. jake stewart says

    To me a phone is just a phone as long as my phone can download stuff and as long as i can make phone calls and text and listen to music and look stuff up and watch videos on youtube and use the gps and watch stuff on netflix and hulu i only payed 50 dollars for my android Motorola phone and whenever it comes to name brands of technology to me a name brand is just a name brand i do not buy something just because it is the best name brand i buy something that is going to work and something that works and dose everything that i need it to do if i really wanted to i could go out and spend 500 to a 1000 dollars on a phone i can afford any price range phone but i am good with something that gets the job done and as long as it dose everything that i need it do i do not need an expensive phone to make me happy i do not need an expensive phone to make me feel satisfied to me having an expensive phone is for shows off that saying hahahaha ahahaha hehehehehe look what i have and got that you do not have only rich spoiled brats buy expensive phones to show off there iphones or expensive android saying everybody i am show off and a big shot look at my new hot toy i am a big shot and a hot shot people need to realize that a phone is just a phone not something to show off just because they paid high dollars to get a samsung galaxy s20 ultra or an iphone 11 pro max and the most that i would ever spend on a phone is 200 dollars

  4. AJM says

    Please make a video comparison of 2-3 years old iphone and android phone to see which is still better after a year/s of usage.

  5. Th.El.Co._1 says

    You should do Samsung's One UI vs iOS as well. So many cool customization features like the official Good Lock app which has so many different internal apps and features to personalize every aspect of the phone. Also Bixby Routines is super useful. It also has many small useful things like the ability to pin a small screenshot of something to the screen. Comes in handy when I need to send numbers or information that I don't want to memorize from another app.

  6. lena says

    I just wish for a phone with both Apple and Android features, like literally my dreams would come true

  7. Jackson The Magician says

    Apple: Taking notes

  8. bokehinatabokee says

    that’s true google is better than siri a lottt better i mean A LOOOOOTTTTTT

  9. Mahdee Niyaz says

    Android is cheap and iOS expensive, but lasts longer than android

  10. Vishal Hinduja says

    For me The only upper hand iOS had is the security and safety.

  11. Srutirekha Basa says

    This video: Existsios 14: Oh shoot!! I better steal some Android users.

  12. Medha Walker says

    Only Google pixel and Samsung flagship phones can beat iOS!

  13. Fidel Peters says

    I love the content! About to check out some of your other videos!

  14. Ultimate says

    Android has everything better than apple for the cheap…..Except cameras you gotta pay apple prices for good cams

  15. Lizzie Bear says

    How many people who watch this video have had both android and ios. That YouTube thing, you can get the premium thing with YouTube and it’ll do that and I need on any device and on Netflix it does that for iOS but just because android doesn’t doesn’t mean anything he doesn’t always do that iPad android and doesn’t always take the YouTube screen down so I could do something else and allows me to watch it or doing something else he doesn’t always do that and just because he can’t do an iOS is me it’s really that big of a deal

  16. Lizzie Bear says

    Apple does have the rise to on which when you pick it up it turns on.

  17. Lizzie Bear says

    The google assistant is trash just because it’s faster than Siri doesn’t mean it’s better it honestly is trash because you can say OK Google but you have to see it multiple times before I actually pops up you could say hey Siri and a pop of immediately so no Google system is not better than Siri maybe in the information wise but it is trash compared to Siri

  18. Lizzie Bear says

    The phone call thing they have fixed it.

  19. Edoardo De Piccoli says

    Summary: ios does less things but better. I own an android

  20. Err0r says

    atleast my android has a optimizer so if i get a virus i can remove it but iphone isnt that easy and the optimizer in my phone warns me if i have a virus

  21. Ahmed says

    I can make this video 3 hours long.

  22. Fadinq Midniqhts says

    Ios14 is much better and now it’s way better than android,much cleaner and more features such as you can watch videos by dragging them and watch in the home screen or on app while texting

  23. hassan almorshedi says

    Looks like Apple solved most of the problems listed in the video with their next IOS 14

  24. Love iPhone's says

    This video should only be 5 seconds long

  25. Luke Iceton says

    If you're on a budget, Apple doesn't even factor. I'm not on a budget, but even a 10 year old child in a 3rd World "country" has the ability to get more out of Android.

  26. Jeremiah Williams says

    With an iPhone I’m guaranteed an update when ever there is a problem and when the next operating system is made public I don’t have to wait for months to get it like some carriers I’m speaking to you Samsung

  27. lolo lola says

    I use both iOS and android. Android is better on customization, ease of file transfer and can use emulators.iOS most of the time has better port of the app. Better sound processing. Fast with better longevity.

  28. Thaynus Deletus says

    ios fixed most of these with ios 14….

  29. GT5_R says

    Alright let's clear it up,If you want more devices that you can choose from and you can customize with, choose android.If you want a more secure phone, go for iPhoneIf you want a better gaming experience (or phone) go for androidIf you want a better camera, get a fucking dslr

  30. SANYAM JAIN '2432' says

    7:28 now that's something i can't do on my moto one power…

  31. Kenny Born says

    Android is the ROCK, iOS is the Jabronie lol…..

  32. Kenny Born says

    Hey look iOS soon tell you how wash your hands guess next how wipe your butt lol wow iPhone down too telling you what too do rather be adult Android all the way…..

  33. TG says

    I like to download hacked games but I have a iPhone so they revoke it constantly that's why my next phone will be a Android I always choose the wrong stuff I choose Xbox when I should have chose PlayStation

  34. Mateusz Cichocki says

    Heres what it does better. Everything.

  35. mattbot says


  36. Keith Moore says

    Android vs IOs is just a human study, to be honest. One isn’t better than the other, both OS’s attract certain people

  37. Purilarp Daoaroonkiet says

    You barely scratched the surface of things Android can do that iOS don't. But for general users I think it's okay.

  38. phantom says

    The main difference is: WHO CARES WHAT PHONE YOU HAVE, if you like your phone, good for you.

  39. ライリー says

    Android enables you to download files whether it be mp4 or mp3 from youtube or any streaming source. There is no doubt that it is the best operating system in the Mobile Market. This is coming from somebody who formerly owned an iPhone before switching to an Android device!

  40. TheGrimSerenity says

    Android lets you dismiss upcoming alarm. And it also lets the volume of the alarm increase slowly. If there is a way to do any of those on the iPhone I haven't found it.Been on iPhone for the last two weeks and it's driving me crazy, my android should be coming any day now. Others have mentioned getting files on to an iPhone is a giant pain.One thing I do like about the iPhone, texting videos between iPhones is much better quality.

  41. Gabriel Gutiérrez says

    The file management in iOS is still garbage. And that iCloud system is pure bullshit. Close ecosystem, so many steps for simple things. The backups last WAY longer than backups on Android. Transferring all your data from Android to iPhone is so easy. Transferring all your data from iPhone to Android is a mess.

  42. ͔clöut ͔ says

    Well I kinda feel happy with a android

  43. Rusidion says

    Android=countless options

  44. Maged Nasrallah says

    You forgot to say that voice transcription is much better on Android than on IOS!

  45. Lil Cheesy says

    iOS13 gang where u at??

  46. Honey Crocs says

    You forgot the split screen feature in the androids

  47. NevermindPerfect says

    I dont care if people use apple for the sense of trending, I just LOVE the android robot.

  48. toasty bagel says

    Huawei user here ✌️✨

  49. roses xan says

    My Question is why is Apple so Expensive on my country ???

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