What Casual Games Are Like For Someone Who Doesn't Play Games


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In this episode of Gaming For A Non-Gamer, I finally had my wife try out some of the games that I probably should have had her play in the first place, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley, The Sims 4 and Slime Rancher. So, this is what casual games are like for someone who doesn’t play games.

Anyway, how are you doing today?


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  1. Razbuten says

    Hey! Thank you for watching. If you would like some extra content, I post videos of my wife's (also known as the Lady I Live With) playthroughs along with a monthly Q+A podcast on my patreon, so if you have the interest and means to do so, consider supporting: https://www.patreon.com/razbuten. Also, catch me over on Twitch where I stream games and whatever: https://www.twitch.tv/razbutenAnyway, I appreciate you all for watching, and I hope you enjoyed this one. It was a lot of fun to make, and getting to chronicle my wife's journey into games (and descent into madness) has been a pleasure. I look forward to making more in the future. In the immediate horizon though I have a super self-indulgent piece about feelings or whatever, and I have some ideas on a piece about a certain animated show that just made it's way back onto Netflix, so look forward to those coming out soonish (at least, soon by Raz's standards).

  2. erfan ashkan says

    She is now a full fledged gamer

  3. Check ur battery boi says

    These are the only kind of videos where u can put commentary over bad gameplay

  4. Ojoe Mojo says

    have her play smash

  5. Paul717 says

    I thought it was just me that got motion sickness from playing first person games. That's why its hard for me to watch Let's Play Vids. They're almost all in first person vids. Its not necessarily the first person view which causes the nausea. Rather, its the quick jerking of the camera from one angle to other. If more designers implemented smoother camera movements, this wouldn't be as much a problem. The reason third person doesn't cause motion sickness for me is cuz I have something to focus on. When designing my games I'm always trying to take into consideration of those with ailments such as motion sickness, color blindness, deafness, seizures, etc.

  6. Andre Viollaz says

    You really are milking the shit out of this series huh

  7. Jjaeger says

    Okay, I know it's weird but I gotta be honest that ending mad eme cry a little

  8. zσmσk вєαn says

    I think all gamers should come together to have fun while playing games!If your not experienced, casual, or experienced, you are a gamer in my eyes!

  9. Death Craft13 says

    next episode: your wife plays mobile games

  10. johny playz says

    Next What is persona 5 for someone who doesn't play games

  11. Noobster says

    I got stardew valley because i wanted to play a cool casual game.

  12. zejoant says

    idk why but it makes me really happy seeing her put in 60 hours in a game xD

  13. Ace Upsleeve says

    What about her feedback?

  14. Seecooty says

    So she likes animal crossing because it is popular?

  15. SvenL says

    I played Animal Crossing over 2 months without knowing that sprinting was a thing.

  16. SkyL says

    I LOVE this series! I had seen some of your videos pop up in my recommended but always just thought, 'ugh, I don't think I'll enjoy watching it because it often frustrates me and makes me cringe watching people not knowing the basic things.' Then your video about Minecraft came up and I decided to give it a go…I ended up watching all of your other videos…

  17. Digereedang says

    hitman 2

  18. Meme Playz says

    It would be interesting to see her play Pokemon since the battles are simple but also complicated

  19. Tori says

    I actually found stardew valley really stressful at first. The days are so short and you have to strategize your crops all while the game tells you nothing. I think I look up way more playing those games than big open world games lol probably bc I didn’t grow up playing life sims besides animal crossing

  20. Elizabeth Killinger says

    It really shows that you don't know a lot about the Sims 4. There is a mode just for building without having sims or cheat codes involved…

  21. Paladan says

    I think uping the fov to 90 or higher could help most games have themedit: first person games

  22. diederik eding says

    I dont know if you know this, but raycon just rebrands earbuds from ali express.

  23. Xineal says

    a non cheat code option in the sims is to make friends with a sim, move in with them, kick them out sell their furniture and take their money. sims gentrification edition

  24. Snooze Button says

    Well, late to the Party: As i mainly build only in Sims 4, just go into a Lot with the Build Mode shown at right bottom on the map. You can Play a lot or just Build on a Lot.

  25. SelectorOfSouls says

    Her answer to why she liked ACNH was effectively "the sense of community"

  26. Chris Bradshaw says

    I still wanna see her try pathologic 2

  27. mr taco 9001 says

    Have her play subnautica

  28. arthur handelman says

    yes slime rancher represent!!!

  29. Lydia K says

    Just so your wife knows, you can build freely without cheat codes in the sims. Go to manage worlds and click on a bulldozed lot/ premade home and then click on free build (the hammer button). If you make an expensive enough house, you'll have to use cheat codes in order to move any sims into the house but if her play style is just to build then she'll probably not care.

  30. Red says

    I’d 100% play animal crossing with my future Wife.

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