What Does COVID-19 Mean for Pokémon GO?


With the world in a pandemic, what does it mean for Pokémon GO? Also today – I GOT SHINY GIRATINA LET’S GOO!

#PokémonGO #COVID19 #ShinyPokémon

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  1. Adian Agustin says

    i just restarted pokemon go and im still level 3 and gow can i get to level 5 ?

  2. ꧁M&M's꧂ says

    I'm Conarovirus Level 40 Red ??4422 4211 3461

  3. crazybutlazyyy De says

    So u obviously dont care about public health huhhhStay tf home

  4. Zedd_Z says

    theres a ho oh in the pokestop near me but im stuck So Rip

  5. Sarah Van dijk says

    ADD my trainer code for gifts! 7348 3268 1264

  6. Cooper McConaghy says

    Yo, I need some friends, my code is 3103 2596 4901

  7. X20AStrikeFreedom 110 says

    0:27 the ferris wheel…hmm…is there someone up there enjoying a free ride ?

  8. re: anime says

    Я не понимаю о чём вы. ?…

  9. Oscar Garcia says

    You know what irks me about COVID and it’s impact on Pokémon go? All across the globe , you’re advised to abstain from public settings correct? That includes parks, one of the major settings for avid Pokémon go players such as myself correct? You follow still? Okay… as you can imagine, As someone that’s heavily invested in Pokémon go, lately, like everyone else, I’m thriving on my GO battles with such limited traction there is in the actual universe of Pokémon in which you’d usually be walking a lot for your progress right?!? one of my biggest issues is the 4th reward for a standard Go battle or 2nd (if you choose to activate a premium pass for increased rewards) is that a lot of the times the Random Pokémon spawn is a legendary. How the hell am I supposed to continue tackling my GO battles with such limited resources. I haven’t been going out as much lately, like most people, due to the COVID scare and due to the lack of activity, I don’t get as many berries or super balls and as we all know, you can’t begin another game until you reap your rewards. Niantic needs to either remove legendaries as a potential reward within the GO battles or offer MANY more poke loot crates for 1 poke coin. 1 a week is just not cutting it. Damn I wrote a lot. Sorry it’s just I’m sick of throwing 35 regular poke balls with regular berries at landorus with absolutely no luck

  10. Adam Parker Yeung says

    My mom has shiny timber

  11. Ashnawy Usman says

    I hope tge creators of Pokemon go have a solution?

  12. Beast HOOD Gaming says

    Stay home

  13. Samuel Hylandyghyujhfghnhhgghhghh says

    You can just scream HI!!!!

  14. ItZ_ Nyx says

    Was there a day that you never got a shiny?

  15. Kristoffer says

    This is why I spoof! ?

  16. Jonix 900 says

    Ir you are level 10 you can do battles and ir you win 4 times you wuold get a cool pokemon

  17. YT Lilzim13 says

    I still play it and walk around I just always make sure i social distance

  18. tastypork Chop2 says

    Honestly, it is just a cold and people say that to keep themselves calm.

  19. Just a Small Gamer says

    This “Virus” doesn’t spread airborne. You can find that through sources, doctor testimonials. I’d be more worried about what the military is doing without our knowledge. The common flu has taken more than 30,000 lives and infected well over 20,000,000-30,000,000 since October 1, 2019. Not to mention drug and alcohol overdoses, suicide, obesity and other real problems. “Don’t listen to the media, listen to honest and good hearted scientists and docs”.

  20. Jose Ramirez says

    There is nothing to heal covid-19

  21. Jose Ramirez says

    You get 100poke balls after you by the incences

  22. Ian Williams says

    My first giratina was a shiny I’m kinda of lucky

  23. church 781 says

    Any one else notice he hasnt evolved a meditite? Look at the shadow after he catches it

  24. Kiel Kurosu says

    time to camp da Gym literally behind my house.

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