What Is Computer Science?


Computers are slowly taking over the world, but what exactly do the people behind the computers do? Learn more about what computer science is and how it impacts our world today.

Created by: Cory Chang
Produced by: Vivian Liu
Script Editors: Justin Chen, Brandon Chen, Elaine Chang, Zachary Greenberg

History of computers:
First women programmers:
Millennium problems:
Mario NP-Hard:


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  1. Yevhenii Diomidov says

    Mario is PSPACE-complete and factoring is in NP cap BQP. It's a bit misleading to say that all that stands between crackers and your data is a mario level, because breaking encryption is much easier than beating Mario.

  2. cxxxk says

    the videos on this channel are so great! it's really a pity that you don't seem to be creating content anymore 🙁

  3. JOEL NADAR says

    hey guys!do you'll want to know the detail of the computer? Then what are you waiting for click the link belowhttps://gyaanimondo.blogspot.com/2020/05/computer-who-invented-computer-history.html

  4. brainletsee says

    What does mario have to do with computer science?

  5. Claire Borges says

    This is an awesome video! I haven't found anything else that gives such a good intro to the P?=NP problem

  6. Saro Ganesan says


  7. Fulfilledpotential says

    actual video and information begins at 0:55

  8. yigrem minda says

    use of computer

  9. Anung Ariwibowo says

    What is the difference between "Computer Science" in English and "L'informatique" in French?

  10. T3KKANッ says

    So till now i wanted to know computer science because i wanted to have the ultimate computer knowledge not just to know how to program in python etc… but to know how languages and everything about computers is created. so i could become the ultimate hacker. If it's nothing about computers then i dont want it anymore.

  11. Dr Fish says

    Great editing and info

  12. Lut Tech Click says

    Thank you sir

  13. Cuddy-2M says

    Thank you.

  14. iftlatlw says

    i don't know a lot about computer science, but your visuals and the way you formulate the argument are very good

  15. CraftedGadgetMC says

    except mario isnt hard.

  16. Ellie Dimo says

    this is boring

  17. NB - 12ZZ - Central Peel SS (2522) says

    I thought the elsa in the thumbnail was rosalina from the galaxy series

  18. Deeshu Athwal Athwal says

    Sir smj nahi aa rehi h

  19. نرجيس نوال says

    1 come over 2 What are they

  20. Animesh Mondal says

    Thank sir you have discusses is comuter science

  21. Mohammed Shuriye says

    wait everybody says Computer science is all about solving problems,,, who create these problems first?

  22. Wladston Ferreira Filho says

    As a sidenote, we don't know if prime factorization is NP-complete… and we don't know if it's P either! We only know it's NP. I'd be surprised if someone discovered it to be in P—and also if someone found it to be NP-complete, because this would mean quantum computers would solve NP-complete problems in polynomial time. If someone proofs that prime factorization is not P, and not NP-complete, we'd finally know once and for all that P != NP (via Ladner's theorem).

  23. DenviousMars says

    This is so irrelavant

  24. The Gaming Night says


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