What is Computer Science?


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In this part 1 video of “What is Computer Science?” I cover programming and discrete math in some detail.

Computer science is often thought of as just glorified programming. But once you enter undergrad you will realize this is not the entire story. Computer science has more to it including discrete math, algorithms, theory of computation, hardware programming, and more. If you just want to learn how to program, then the computer science major will be more than you are expecting.

In this video I mostly cover discrete math and concepts within it because of how important it is for classes to come. Although it’s not used in all your classes, I show you examples so you have an idea of what math you will encounter.


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  1. J says

    I took discrete math class during spring 2020 at my community college. We literally went on to do everything in this video.

    To anyone watching and getting confused at the n+1 proof. n can be any number. And n+1 is that previous number + 1. So the n+1 is the successor of n. Then you have to show that the left hand side of the equation is the same as the right side of the equation. I was first introduced to this during a precalculus class.

    If you still don’t quite understand, then do not get discouraged. Everyone starts as a beginner and then you learn as you go on. My suggestion is that if you want to do CS, then go for it and be prepared to study all the time and you have to be persistent. For calcs 1 and 2 you can refer to Professor Leonard on YouTube, he is by far the best when it comes to explaining Calc 1 and 2. Currently, I am taking Linear Algebra and Gen Chem 2. I’ll be finishing with my associates in CS, and then I’ll be heading off to university. I’ll try to remember to come back to this comment in the future to share my updates. Good luck everyone.

  2. Woha omg this is so interesting 🌚 now I'm switching from cyber security to CS

  3. Khian Victory D Calderon says

    Those codes looks like in the turbo c

  4. UNITED REMIX says

    Plz make a video on information technology ?

  5. samarth tandale says


  6. Manybuckets says


  7. AE Jbermensch says

    Is discrete math useful only in a computer?

  8. Moriah Barber says

    Why am I watching this? I’m studying architecture 💀

  9. HOLYgRA!N says

    ur program has a typo but great vid, at 1:36 it should only be one equal sign

  10. Sean Fassold says

    This was made on my birth day. and also im in 7th grade wacthing this so if you think this is confusing amagen how i feel

  11. Bayan Alassaf says

    I’m in my last year in high school and i have no idea what i want in college

  12. rjeption says

    Ohhh boy I’m excited to try this😬

  13. Smile S says

    i’m currently majoring in it but i literally cant do math bye i’m changing my major

  14. EM'Z VLoG says

    I'm good with math since then but this is 🦧🙈🙉

  15. Florin Moise says

    im i have no words how i feel but its not good

  16. AG P says


  17. Brendan Bezuko says

    4:37 8^(k+1) – 3^(k+1) = 5(8^k) + 3(8^K) -3^(k+1) Induction problems are way too easy until you get redirected by a simple problem and stumped on very basic algebra.

  18. Christian Morales says

    What about information technology as most University have computer science and information technology in the same department

  19. Ashton Parker says

    Subsribe to my channel >:(

  20. Eddie Butkaliuk says

    I am starting cs tomorrow

  21. Terrel Thompson says

    Thank you, I no longer wish to study CS haha

  22. Devasmita Kundu says

    I've got a question. Is it necessary to be good at Boolean algebra to study computer science ?

  23. Michael Kwee says

    Seriously what with Computer Science, i mean when it comes to Major Computer Science is the best of the best?!

  24. DID YOU STEAL MY FOOD !? says

    a programmers holy rule…..

    once it runs, Don't touch it!

  25. Ralph Jackson 2 says


  26. Raechu says

    As soon you explain the math stuff. My brains go into the bonk zone and i was confused af. I probably need to rewatch this vid several times before i get it

  27. NichFuture says

    i’m going into a magnet for computer science and this is scaring me

  28. Shivkumar Jeevangi says

    Hello Indira college students

  29. Yosuf Gaper says

    i think this major is different between the countries..

  30. Angie Bui says

    Thank you, this was very informative.

  31. Veronica S. Flores says

    The way you described discrete maths made me realize i dont even hate math i just have to study to get better

  32. Tinotenda Sanyika says

    Here after discovering accounting is shit

  33. Shaw Mcinroy says

    I loveeeeeeee discrete math

  34. Pankakes says

    Yea.. I’ll just stick to ceramics instead

  35. Manuel Ocaña says

    How can you do that factoring algoritm with more than 2 numbers?

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