What is Electrical / Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering has been around a long time – what does it mean for today’s world? Computer Engineering is more than software. In this video, discover what today’s students are doing in electrical and computer engineering.
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  1. Phasor Systems says

    Simulate some circuits! study androidcircuitsolver on google!

  2. Cris says

    Can I go into AI if I major in Computer Engineering and minor in Computer Science? Or should I pursue a dual degree for both? (My area does not offer Artificial Intelligence as a major)

  3. DoGBroS INC says

    I want to establish startup and work on hardware and software of gadget,robotics Nd also want to make the hardware and software of robotics. And also ai and iot can I do all this in computer engineering please tell me all this is my passion

  4. Maimouna Mbaye says

    Electronics communication engeneer and électronic and computer engeneer are same??

  5. Sabir Nawaz says

    I dont wanna be rich I dont want a degree I dont want to prove myself to people or to any organization or company I dont want a job but I just want a satisfaction a skill that will satisfy me a skill where I would be able to answer these three question what why and how and I want to build a programeable computer and I want it from a very scratch from transistors to logic gate from logic gate to a having its own Operating system compiler assembler own programming language so how its possible anyone here suggest me where to start and I can study from 4:am to 12:pm excluding eating and prayers time.And the end what I want I wanna be a practical teacher to teach peiple these practical technologies thats my passion and am a programmer who knows languages everything but never enjoyed it coz I dont believe things until I did it by my own please guide me experts plz.

  6. ghost guide says

    i completed b.tech in eee branch …can i do electrical and computure engineering in ms at abroad????

  7. AmrHfz says

    What about ( Electronics Engineering [Computer]? Is it the same courses ?

  8. KineticUncertainty says

    I have a software engineering degree. I am considering this

  9. Matthew Dyrmishi says

    If u want to be tony stark ,be an electrical engineer

  10. TR- BAHADURPUR says

    How to connect monitor to laptop https://youtu.be/EPfG0V9Zi3M

  11. Darshanlimbu Boys says

    I want to be computer engineer

  12. David Hobbs says

    I don't feel I know enough and require some prep + tlme yet you have added ro my interest,merci.

  13. Daniel Adams says

    The primary cause of suicide. (Refer to title)

  14. Amjed Belgacem says

    I moved out to Istanbul so i can study computer engineering at Istinye University am working on my papers now for the final acceptance wish me luck.

  15. Akash Kumar says

    I have passion but all companies want fucking experience

  16. Shakib Rahman says

    What is electronic engineering

  17. Madhab Baishya says


  18. idris hasni says

    i want a scholarship to this university

  19. Honey Negi says

    I'm currently pursuing electrical engg undergrad, can i do this ece as for my masters??

  20. otp mike says

    I want to be a engineer

  21. BM MB says


  22. Anjishnu says

    CS too?!

  23. Lupu Lupu says

    Which should i go architect or computers and technology I like architect beacause i like drawing and i like technology beacause i born whith that when im 8 year old i have a gadgets and grow up and i feel like when i touch some gadgets i want to do that not ever can do on other gadgets

  24. Brandon Williams says

    24. Anthropology major. Thinking of going back to school for computer engineering. Do I move far away and take advantage of free tuition?

  25. Chandan Kumar says

    I love to learn and do new research work in Electrical Engineering.


    what can i do to be smart on this courses ?

  27. Delissa Tate says

    My major is currently ME, but this video is really making me want to look into electrical.

  28. Martin Inmoseley says

    Only 12% of EE's are female, so why use a female when they are clearly not interested in the field?

  29. Carlos Santana says

    Lmfao The Comment Section Are Bunch Lowlifes Fanboys/Girls Who Are Actually Liberals

  30. Adern Portale says

    that is why i want to be machanical egineer electrical egineer and computer egineer

  31. Stargazer says

    I want to be a Computer Engineer!

  32. Dannyrobles04 says

    So if I want to build and create things I should do this?

  33. Jonathan Alicea says

    I like the video its helps me a lot

  34. Bushra Fatima says

    wait, Qualcomm is hiring?!

  35. A Sloth says

    Wait was that Rivington the III that voiced over??

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