What is SQUID – Your News Buddy?


SQUID is your news buddy. It is the most entertaining and creative way to keep up with all that happens around the globe in your areas of interest. A news application to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and events around the world.

Choose the topics you are most passionate about and personalize your news feed. Start right away with NO REGISTRATION.

Read the latest news from the best sources available in your local languages, all in one place.

Connect to your social networks to share the most engaging articles with your friends. You can also share the articles via e-mail or sms.

All of this comes with an extra touch of fun! Let SQUID’s tentacles tickle your creativity and express yourself by adding a personal touch of ink to the most interesting pieces of news out there.

Download SQUID and dive into an ocean of fresh news…it’s for free!

SQUID for Android and iOS features:

a. Wide topic selection
Personalize your news feed according to your interests. Follow or unfollow each topic whenever you wish simply by swiping right on the selected one. If you want to unfollow a topic only temporarily just tick it off, so it won’t disappear from your list. If you want to resume receiving articles from that category, simply tick that topic once again.

b. Fresh news always available
SQUID provides you the freshest news from the best sources on the web, and allows you to read it directly on the publishers’ website or in an exclusive reader-friendly smart view.

c. News from all over the globe
SQUID is available in several languages. Discover news from other countries simply by changing language in the Settings. The first version will be available in English, French, Italian, Polish and in an exclusive International (English) version. More languages will be added soon (see Countries covered).

d. Save the article for later (only iOS)
You don’t have time to read the article right away? Don’t worry! SQUID allows you to save the article for later so that you can resume reading whenever you have time. Click on the “Save for later” tab and store the article in one of your reading lists.

e. Spread the articles around
Share the most interesting and engaging news with your friends through all social networks (e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.), via e-mail or sms.

f. Add your touch of ink
Personalize your favorite articles and share them privately with your friends. Press on the SQUID icon at the bottom of the screen and choose among our creative tools to add your personal touch to the article. Underline, draw or write something to express yourself, or add one of our cute squid stickers to share how you feel.

To keep updated with the latest news and updates about SQUID visit our website or follow us via @squidapp on Twitter or on Facebook
If you have any doubts, problems or questions, please contact us at support@squidapp.co

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