What Matters – Katherine Johnson: NASA Pioneer and "Computer"


This week, tune in for an incredible conversation with a NASA Langley pioneer. We’ll meet the extraordinary woman whose math skills were so sharp, she was known as the “human computer.” Katherine Johnson worked at NASA Langley in Hampton during the 1950’s—a woman and an African-American who broke through barriers and made history along the way.

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    Too bad she was in a democrat racist state .

  2. Howard Pearcey says

    Imagine if every family had a father like hers. Imagine if just a few more had fathers like hers. Kudos to that dude!

  3. Carlos Marquez says

    She is so straight clever and with no ego and yet a genius

  4. pedsortho says

    I love this woman. In this interview she is still sharp and articulate. And she is very reserved

  5. ItsShanya1 says

    sadly she died February 24, 2020

  6. Joseph Porterfield says

    A true American hero.

  7. Maitreya S. says

    Nobody ever went to the moon, tho.

  8. Bakti Salman says

    She was one of inspiring women out there, and also never give up. Despite that she worked under Jim Crow era.

  9. Pam Satira says

    HIDDEN FIGURES is absolutely 100% one of my fave movies that I will still definitely watch when I grow old. Just makes me proud to be a woman even though I am no math genius.

  10. Annette Labrecque says

    What a superb human being! ❤ Brilliant, just brilliant.

  11. canzo0378 says

    The interviewer is a bit annoying, keep coughing into the mike during the interview.

  12. Luis Morato says

    Great contribution to society ,humanity very proud of her work

  13. Yasmin E says

    Rest in your peace Mrs. Johnson. ?.

  14. Bridget Amato says

    A brilliant mind. AmazingOne class act:)

  15. Nadia Flores says

    Fabulous woman I wish I could meet her, I feel the need to hug her

  16. Bananadiva1 says

    One of the most astonishing and inspirational woman. It's truly appalling that it took all this time for all three inspirational to get the recognition they deserved.

  17. Guerda Cherestal says

    Aww black power lady gives me chills

  18. Faten Ashour says

    Just watched the movie, WONDERFUL woman.. everyone is so proud of you GENIUS. The movie talks about white and colored people, what surprised me now that it looks white in her pictures and videos. Am i wrong?

  19. yinka akintayo says

    God bless you Grandma..for using your gifts to God's glory.Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.Great interview.

  20. Walker Lino Ale says

    Greatest daughter of the World. Love you always Catherine, astounding, smart, beautiful, everything. Rest In Peace ❤️? ? 26 August 1918 – 24 February 2020

  21. P Haffner says

    A true American Hero !!!

  22. William Fuller says

    Kathy Lewis has coronavirus.

  23. Sumayia Awan says

    Hy…. May I get this interview with English subtitle…. As I belong to Pakistan n i face little bit difficulty to understand that wording… Thanks

  24. Jagannath Shenoy says

    Very interesting to know about Katherine Johnson, 'power of computing', great personality and wonderful teacher. One need to learn how to learn and then you want to want to know. Teach the student how to solve the problems rather than how to get the answer which most of the teacher does to complete the syllabus which is incorrect and the student fail to aspire for real learning on how to solve the complex problems. It's very true that learning take place only when the student has interest in it. Be constantly curious. Wonderful conversation worth spending time to listen to KGJ..!!!

  25. Anita Swanson says

    They has a tribute to Mrs catharine Johnson in Hampton Virginia park near NASA I saw it

  26. Yarelis Matias says

    Anyone else noticed it said “HELP” on the wall at 1:13 ?

  27. Laurie Huntley says

    KatherineJohnson is my hero. I’m white and Canadian. She’s an amazing proof of the Star dust of Genius. And Katherine Johnson proved that computers weren’t just a .1 % off! Amazing

  28. Google User says

    If her parents and my great grand parents ( African Americans in th3 late 1800’s ) were abl3 to further their education, we would be further along.

  29. Maderian Johnson says

    OMG! She's "Beautiful, Strong, Smart & Absolutely Amazing"! ❤☺?

  30. Cristiano Araujo says

    Aqui no Brasil, o próprio grupo de negros, a consideraria parda.

  31. M says

    Rest in Power.

  32. C Williams says

    What an awesome, classy, elegant lady!

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