What Minecraft Is Like For Someone Who Doesn't Play Games


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This past year, my wife made the mistake of taking an interest in my hobby, and instead of just letting her play games for fun, I figured it’d be more interesting to chronicle her journey of figuring out how to play video games. So, this is a continuation of those experiments where I look into what Minecraft is like for someone who doesn’t play games.

Jesse Guarascia:

Thanks to Heaveyed Mitch Cramer for editing the audio!

Thanks to PossumGamer for helping me get some footage!

Thanks to Steven the Homeless for taking charge of the photo shoot.

Functioning Computer in Minecraft:

X’s Adventures in Minecraft:

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  1. aaAliN says

    Doesnt matter if you have a mansion of diamond blocks or a dirt hut, once you have place the furnace next to the craftingtable, its a home

  2. aaAliN says

    I’ve learn a lesson from this game. In game, we spawn with nothing. Do almost everything to survive. Found precious stuff. And finally kill the Ender Dragon. Just like in real life. Born with nothing. And ended up being successful person. All we have to do, is never give up. Remember when you rage quit because losing your diamonds in lava? It’s like depression in real life. Like some people lost something or someone they love and tried to kill themselves because they can’t stand it anymore. This game is more like a life journey. Mobs as obstacle. Diamond as life partner. And Ender Dragon as life purpose. It just most of us not knowing them. Like some secret messages. One thing to note: There’s no respawn in real life I don’t know if anyone read this long comment. But, if you do, i hope you know what i’m saying. You can reply to this if you do. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. 🙂

  3. bluefeather 64 says

    I learned everything Minecraft and all the crafting recipes from Minecraft wiki I probably spent more time trying to memorize all the crafting recipes than actually playing the game

  4. herbexion says

    i learned everthing i know about games by myself and ive never had these problems except when i started the sensertivity of the controler would make look at the sky and walk around looking ar the ground good times

  5. Whiskered Wolf says

    I kind of want to see your entire playthrough with your wife in a series. Not a lot of people are new to Minecraft these days.

  6. Nicholas Lautermilch says


  7. John Ezwick says

    Razbuten: Explains everything that his wife does like its so fascinatingWife: WHaT dOes LeFT clIcK dO AgAIn???

  8. xARCEUXZz says

    Lol next time teach her how to go to nether, get blaze rods, find ended pearls, etc etc etc beat the game (Minecraft

  9. Steph Canfield says

    She should try pvp like hypixel

  10. Connor says

    Bro you didn’t even give her the green top

  11. Icicles says

    That torch scene reminds me of when I had to google every crafting recipe…

  12. Always Bolt the Bird says

    I actually just decided to play Minecraft about a month ago. As someone who plays a ton of games I was just as lost as your wife. Like I knew what it was but not really what to do. I had to watch some getting started in 2020 videos so it is definitely meant to be shared

  13. Lightning Boy says

    Specimen: entertained

  14. Wstツ says

    Why Does The Memories Coming Back Because Of This Video?

  15. Victoria L. says

    nice video 🙂

  16. Isalie Svea Deuter says

    Just imagine your kids or your grandkids will play minecraft and how much fun they will have in the game.. It would be a nice and sad feeling ..

  17. Sam Clayton says

    Good god I wish I play Minecraft for the first time again.

  18. GreenMat says

    Razbuten: Minecraft is a game meant to be shared.PS4 Minecraft: W-What???

  19. Trexert says

    now i feel lonely

  20. orange says

    The fortnite kids will be mad if they hear minecraft was the most important game of the decade.

  21. Trexert says

    pretty brutal to make her play dark souls

  22. HappyLukey 123 says

    I remember being teached by my older brother when the mobile worlds were pretty small.I had a lot of fun in my childhood and the best parts I remember are from playing with my siblings and more recently showing my friend how to play wich is also very fun

  23. Daoist Dragon says

    New Goal. Build a 3000000 iron per hour iron farm, its eassy

  24. Alp Yılmaz says

    "it is meant to be learned from someone else." now i remember when i downloaded minecraft, version 1.3.2 and i had no friends to play with. all i was doing just wandering around and breaking stone blocks with my bare hands. I played more and more, discovered new things and also new friends in servers. Sometimes you just wish you could go back to those old days. that time for me is the time i first downloaded minecraft.

  25. Takeda Takahashi says

    Do stardew if you haven’t already!Nvm, just checked he did it

  26. Tim appIe says


  27. S Kk says

    Why am I crying over this? Lol

  28. Pugzy Playz says

    Do you know what I wonder why do most girls build with birch and most boys build with other wood

  29. Investingator says

    Him:and house stays intact! Me: Ever heard of a creeper?

  30. StarDestroyer says

    Character Development for his wife!!!!


    “ she is a human on earth so she has heard of Minecraft”. LOL ?

  32. Kaylee says

    "a players fort inside of a hollowed out tree, isnt complete until shown to one other person"Bruh this hit hard ?

  33. Ellijo Alair says

    I wish mojang would see this and agree

  34. Earth says

    Is this just me or did you guys also get a tear and old memories

  35. Gillian Taroma says

    Breaking News Noob makes better house than someone who has played the game for 5 GODDAMN YEARSSSSS

  36. JohnM Corsame says

    at first i never play survival always creative and peace full. I learn time to time until I play survival

  37. Petnpat says

    i know this vid was from a while ago, but if someone sees this could you give some advice? i have a friend who is not a gamer and will buy minecraft soon. how would you suggest i guide her through the game? i have played since basically the beginning so i don’t remember how i started. also we are 20 years old if that has any impact.

  38. Dark Thoughts says

    The ending, this whole thing reminded me way too much about my ex. :(Interestingly enough, most sandbox games are very light on guidance. Learning how to do things and finding out about secrets is kind of part of the discovery process of them. At the same time, a game that effectively teaches you barely anything, can teach you so much, even about other games. Minecraft is definitely an experience that should be shared. I don't think there are a lot of games that manage to just feel like you're hanging out with people, but Minecraft kinda manages to do that.

  39. Abdusk50 says

    Minecraft isnt one of the game where the player loses interest the more they learn and learn but is actually the oppisite

  40. snippy giant 1799 says

    Low stakes, LowE sTaKEs. Me walking my dog home after taming it the watching a creeper blow it up

  41. NotJax says

    Lol well normal you don’t hide in a house at night you either sleep or light up your area so you can keep doing what your doing

  42. Reaping_Archerコズミック says

    I was interested in Minecraft since I was a kid and getting it on switch made me very happy because well,i watched a whole lot of building and when I built my first house,I knew the fundamentals which made my first house not a dirt house but a nicely pieced house and then I just wanted more so I got Java and later and my friends would later turn up and they enjoyed it as much as I did!

  43. ari barclay says

    minecraft tutorial mode

  44. DFresh12 says

    Bro this was wholesome ass heck dawg this made me happier as a gamer just watching it

  45. Benjamin Sneyd-Utting says

    Every aspect of Minecraft is like that, really. Only the most hardcore players learn to build, survive, or design redstone by their own and from scratch.

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