What's new in Android Studio 4.0


The Android Studio 4.0 release introduces a new Motion Editor, Build Speed window, Live Layout inspector, Multi Preview for your layouts, support for Kotlin DSL script files, and a Smart editor for R8 rules.

The new Build Analyzer feature helps you understand and diagnose issues with your build process, such as disabled optimizations and improperly configured tasks.

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Import native libraries from AAR dependencies →
Use incremental annotation processors →
Configure your external native build system →
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    I need help for error please help me sir error: failed to create directory '?C:UsersKunal mauryaDownloadscodecanyon-ETSVG0NB-tictic-android-media-app-for-creating-and-sharing-short-videos1Tictic android app 20 julyAndroid source codeTicTic2TicTic4.3TicTicappbuildgeneratednot_namespaced_r_class_sourcesdebugprocessDebugResourcesrcomkunalspaniper'.

  2. Bouchra Belmehdi says

    Android studio returned a GPU error even after updating the driver Intel! It got the laptop too slow!

  3. usama sultan says

    can we make recommendation system in Android studio

  4. Rumungrica Roma says


  5. Kamerton Audiophile player says

    New studio but the old bug – Error:Internalerror: (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException) com.google.wireless.android.sdk.stats.IntellijIndexingStats$Index . Shame to Google, this bug isn't fixed since 3.4.

  6. ADAN SON says

    waaaw that is great job

  7. ahmed ali says

    How to build offline projects I followed the steps in the explanation and did not work with me, and this is the explanation linkhttps://developer.android.com/studio/intro/studio-configAnother question is, can Google build a stable program like Visual Studio?

  8. Naveen Mishra says

    I will suggest to update in 4.0 as there are so many bugs. A task never git died when started and no option to kill it. Launching emulator even app was running on different task

  9. Naveen Mishra says

    I was expecting an update for Emulator. My system uses to be too slow when I start the emulator. There is no update in this, when I check my activity monitor it was taking 6GB memory for this process. Or please suggest any alternative. at the end, we need an emulator available while developing.

  10. Egor Zhdanov says

    Where can I get this t-shirt?

  11. Yash Gangwar says

    Great. Updated and now I can't get my layout preview. Says render problem that randomly works sometimes. Thanks.

  12. hui gao says

    The profiler in 4.0 is hard to use.

  13. I P says

    How to fix Process Unexpected Exit error

  14. Ganesh Tak says

    Can anyone's help me to remove a error. Stuck by last 5 days. I didn't find any solution on Google.Help me

  15. DS Wholesale Market says

    Soo bad I spent a week to find build for sign in but can not find the result tooo conflictetdddddd

  16. Bemals Dvanitha says

    My ram :– ohh noo ???

  17. vaayu sharma says

    Someone please read this and help me.I'm an english and writing teacher from India. I want to make a simple app for my students in which they can write (like jotterpad) and where I can send them push notifications for daily writing prompts and exercises. I do not want to monetize or sell the app to them. I have no experience in coding and my technical education and understanding is very poor. Can someone please suggest how I can create an app like this without fiddling with codes?

  18. Niral Dhameliya says

    Congratulations for new bugs and stuck developer on that bugs.1) App not run on after installing.

  19. Leonardo Rocha says

    Please, make an Android Studio only for Flutter development. Will it be more faster and cleaner?

  20. Neo Yang says

    Some keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore on MacOs.for example: Find file (instead of class) Command+Shift+O Find in path Command+Shift+F Close active editor tab Command+WThey are defined in this document: https://developer.android.com/studio/intro/keyboard-shortcuts. But you can't use them with AS4.0

  21. Joeyoung kimani says

    how can one create a java class

  22. Notlimitedwolf 676 says

    Me: I'm Java developer, how many useful features did I get?Google: yes

  23. simonurzua says

    Welcome to Xcode 2017

  24. hai ping says

    how to solve this problem Cause: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

  25. Danylo Bilyk says

    If you have added support of clang-family tools, could you please try to add support for clang-format as formatter for C++ code inside Android Studio.

  26. NAMGYU KANG says

    too many bugs like my code.

  27. Kavindu Rashmin says

    hey guys, do a tutorial on motion editor 😛 <3

  28. Sachin Amigo says

    Bro my phone showing “ system has been destroyed “ please help me to recover


    Where is offline work that was inFile>Settings>build…>Gradle

  30. Jayant Navrange says

    Anyone seeing message something like appicationId and application ResourceId is not annoted with input and output notation.. likely to be removed in Gradle 7.0 in BUILD tab.. App runs build not failing but whats the solution for the above message.In detail – https://discuss.gradle.org/t/gradle-version-6-1-1-and-plugin-version-4-0-0-in-android-studio/36372

  31. SherKan says

    no work with amd, nice

  32. Stephen Glancy says

    Noice. I can't wait to try the new MotionLayout editor and Live Layout Inspector. Great work guys!

  33. Papa Gojek says


  34. Fayaz Bin Salam says

    Doesn't mean how many million UNWANTED features you add, if the previous working features gets buggy or the whole thing gets messed up then its not wort updating…

  35. eldhose says

    Account got terminated. When i see this i feel sad. ??

  36. Anshulika Prasad says

    Much awaited 3D view, iOS has it long back 😐

  37. Creative Bug says

    Mind-blowing updates. Love V4. Android Studio was already way ahead to the crappy XCode. With V4 XCode won't even to think to beat it. Haha. Love Android Studio, Love JetBrains IDEs.

  38. ashish topno says

    motion xml layout building upgrade is great, but Gradle build fail will occur to my existing app, So I am not going to upgrade.

  39. Mohamed Amrani says

    i have problem in synchronisation : Cause: invalid type code: EA any one can help plzz??

  40. Rok Končina says

    Half of the video is dedicated to modifying your build.gradle files to control your builds. Why are all those (and other) features not configurable from the IDE itself? I'm a huge fan of AS and I don't understand why this part is so neglected.

  41. Mohamed Mubarak says


  42. Hermansyah 204 says


  43. Rajesh Prajapati says

    Sir I want to know about android studio 3.6.3That it have some bugs and Automatically some file containing some different type of code and contain some bugs.

  44. Dwigg says

    so glad I upgraded from 8GB of RAM to 16GB.

  45. Rajat Kumar says

    When will hot reload will roll out?

  46. Serak Shiferaw says

    How much RAM does the V4 require now

  47. Ali Kazi says

    This is so funny. I've been using my own Live template in Kotlin for Log and I have them as logd, logi, logw etc. And now AS 4.0 is bringing live templates exactly like mine haha.

  48. محمد علي فوعاني says

    What's to dislike about this video!

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