What’s The Most Replayable Video Game?


Once more playthrough can’t hurt… Right?

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  1. Keionte Wellons says

    I’d say resident evil 4, from the corny dialogue to the ultimate fact that you can run through the game and just rocket launcher everything and everyone makes it so fun. Either that or the first two bioshock games

  2. Luke Ramage says

    Seriously cute cat Jules. He should be in every Video.

  3. John Young says

    For me I play these pretty much every year at some point Ratchet and clank 2The whole god of war series Crash and spyro trilogy

  4. siriswarrior says

    Jules wins.

  5. Bimal Garg says

    Josh or casey Affleck?

  6. PR3D4TOR EL1TE says

    Zelda ocarina of time and mijoras mask! Played the a few times through😂 oh and deffo NFS underground 1 and 2🙈 also def'jam fight for NY😍 they really need to remater that game!

  7. Nate M says

    Video should be titled: Different accents of the UK..

  8. Thad Ferry says

    Resident evil 4 absolutely had me. I’ve Probbaly no joke, beat that game 100 times

  9. Jake Herring says

    Skyrim, Payday 2, and Borderlands 2 are all strong contenders for me, but at the end of the day: Parasite Eve

  10. Cloud Strife says

    Try playing Star Ocean Second Evolution. It has 100 different endings. I challenge someone to see them all.

  11. Iva-Nyaniso Diniso says

    Batman Arkham city is the most replayable game for me

  12. M Williamson says

    My top 5 most replays have to be the ezio trilogy, AC:black flag, AC: Odyssey, Dragon age Inquisition and Skyrim

  13. Killerofcats says


  14. Andyboi says

    Hundreds of thousands of hours on Tekken? One hundred thousand hours is 11.4 years. And you said hundreds plural! Guessing you're in your mid thirties so you must have played Tekken literally in your sleep and awake since you were born

  15. Andrew Varnell says

    Love the Carpenter Brut shirt

  16. Jason Williams says

    Civilization series. Nothing else comes close.

  17. Waifu Trap says

    Dishonored for me playing as the master Assassin ♥️

  18. chase crawley says

    Skyrim, play a stealth archer, a berserker or bob the potato farmer. The options are pretty insane, the difference in racial interactions and random events based on your actions. Its just great, ive been playing since its OG Launch

  19. kevin shaw says

    Sagan?!? Thats a badass name forr a cat!

  20. Razvan Ilie says

    Jules mate… you alright?

  21. kat thema says

    GTA S.A hands down

  22. ShadowLynx777 says

    Soulsbourne of course. Least I ever played each was 4 different character playthroughs, multiple ng+. And that's just because Demon's Souls only has 4 character slots.

  23. Dorian Trussell says

    Replayable game Shadow Of Mordor and Shadow Of War.

  24. SSJXavARR says

    Witcher 3, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect Trilogy, God Of War 1, 2 3 and latest God of War but not Ascension. Ah Starcaft too.

  25. Andrei says


  26. Kristoffer sällström says

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3

  27. Notacet says

    Heroes III:- the graphics don’t get old because it looks like a board game- it has a lot of expansions and mods- it has random map generator- it has a map editor- it’s #73 in twitch today even though it came out in 1999

  28. KYLE SANDMAN says

    10 hit combos don’t work in a real match on tekken…. play someone good and try and 10 hit combo

  29. Rico says

    Vampires the masquerade: bloodlines deserves a mention. Although initially very buggy, fans have fixed it up and it's become a cult classic. The game can feel very different depending on the race you choose from the beginning and the actions you make along the game, and the hotel stage is very memorable

  30. Spooky z says

    "the 1 series i've never got tired of is Tekken" +_ Carpenter Brut…are you a god?why is D2 still the most replayable game? When there's a sequel that's been out for years now… something has gone horribly wrong.(outside of maybe old MMO's.. D2 is by far the most mainstream replayed game… and as much as i absolutely love that game to death… that bothers me.)

  31. Crowy The butcher says

    Dark souls and fable lost chapters are my two absolute favourites

  32. Lochlan Rivers says

    Yep diablo 2 is still very playable! Also warcraft 3. Fantastic games by blizzard. Also definitely skyrim! Thousands of hours of stuff to do

  33. Zelí says

    Original Mafia – the city of lost heaven and Mafia 2. I play these games every summer for last 6 years. Still love it. I basically know every dialog already. I could talk you though the intro scene of both games tbh. Its awesome

  34. Zak Thomas says

    Diablo 1 & 2 always. The darkest games ive ever played

  35. Jennifer Medeiros says

    Gta v, until dawn, telltale games

  36. Derek Woods says

    I know that most answers to this question are games that, when replayed, allow you to take different paths through the game offering you opportunities to experience new things. Which is great and makes perfect sense as to why the replay value is so high. But my answer, in no way whatsoever, offers you these things. Suikoden, the original one, is the game I have played through more than any other. It’s not different each time I play it, as the game doesn’t really offer multiple paths of progression, but it is absolutely a BLAST every time I play it. Something about going through gathering my 108 stars of destiny and building up my HQ…. never gets old. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  37. Phoenix Lee says

    Agreeing w/ Scott, Tekken 3 is the utmost best

  38. Tan Zolo says

    Fighting games. Doesn’t matter wich one. Once u get into fighting games you keep coming back.

  39. Corey [James] Haims says

    Metal Slug series, infinitely replayable

  40. MuthaFkn L.A says

    Skyrim, Fallout and GTA IV would be my faves to replay

  41. MishraArtificer says

    @6:35: KITTEH!MROW!

  42. Jan Kleveta says

    Super Mario Land on original gameboy for me… I'm playing it since I was like 7 and last time I played it was yesterday 🤘👍

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