When Chelsea Target José Giménez Played At Stamford Bridge !


▶ When Chelsea Target José Giménez Played At Stamford Bridge !
▶ Jose Maria Gimenez
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  1. CFCVideos says

    According to the Telegraph, Chelsea have scouted José Giménez (25) of Atlètico as an option to bring in at CB.

  2. 임진혁 says

    Looks like a good player cause morata and bakayoko

  3. Deivy José says

    overrated clown

  4. Ball apichat says

    Thank you ????

  5. GET_IN_THE_VAN says

    A lot of injuries and he looks like he's playing at RB here. I would like to see him play in the middle and play a full season

  6. Trublu72 Lewis says

    Looks overweight.

  7. Ignacio Menezes says

    Good defender and with 25 years many years to play. I want in now

  8. Frederico Marcius says


  9. Frederico Marcius says

    There is a GK in France – Gautier Larsonneur – just 22 years old , he plays for Brest and he is phenomenal . I think we will be world class in some years , and would be perfect for Chelsea . Could you do one video from him ?

  10. Rabah Taha says

    That's not true he is in his way to somewhere else not Chelsea..

  11. kitaki zeinko says

    Gimenez is a good and underrated defender, really hope we get him, and Rice from westhamPlz does anyone know the name of the song, just before the video starts? (the one we're his name shown up)

  12. Adam Cooper says

    Would love him at Chelsea

  13. Eddy M says

    No way any Atletico Madrid Player joins Chealse after the bad experiences of Diego costa , Felipe luise , Morata and Torres with the club ? Too many red flags ?

  14. Sean Anthonisz says

    We shouldn't be in for him he won't be fit for half the matches, his a good defender that's for sure but we should look elsewhere

  15. Siyabulela Noyo says

    The guy can defend…but Chelsea needs a leader at the back…someone to marshall and organise the defence…that's what we're lacking there. We don't need another mute defender who isn't gonna make any difference there. We need a van Dyk, Terry, Marcel Desailly type of defender there…a leader…someone who will constantly communicate and organise

  16. Kurnia Hidayatullah says

    Actually Zouma and Rudiger were also quite good before, Zouma once asked with tery the results were also good, Rudiger also had no change in his time conte .. I wonder what is wrong with them now .. Need a mentor like John tery?

  17. Gilbert Mworiem says

    He is prone to injuries

  18. Oscar Hazard UK says

    Why don't we go for Ruben Diaz from Benfica and defenders from Portuguese league are so versatile at Chelsea

  19. dieterschnittler says


  20. McKyle says

    Jose Gimenez has 20+ injuries on record:https://www.transfermarkt.us/jose-gimenez/verletzungen/spieler/250845Chelsea need to stop collecting the damaged players of the world.

  21. hanif ilham Prayoga / 21 says

    Welcome to man city???????????

  22. Alasana Camara says

    Why are Chelsea still doing with right back instead left back??

  23. Malina says

    I want gimenez so bad

  24. Naazmul Hussain says

    He is injury-prone…!!!!

  25. Nicholas Benedict Goh says

    Nothing special… People are reduced to accepting chump change.We don't wanna be like Arsenal. We cannot take in lesser folk.

  26. Cristian Gonzalez says

    Chelsea trying to get every one this summer. Kinda desperate if you ask me they already made 3 signings. 2 of them being german prime players.

  27. Tombose Channel says

    Welcome to Chelsea

  28. Akash Thomas says

    Chelsea should go for pau Torres of Villarreal as he has a 50 m release clause and Barcelona is after him. Chelsea has the funds to activate his release clause before Barcelona as they are struggling for raising the funds.

  29. Ni ck says

    he can play rb aswell

  30. Spencer West says

    cant even start at Atletico Madrid and complains like a bitch

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