When Football Is A Joke For Lionel Messi


Football is a joke for Messi. He can do things which other players can’t even dream of. Lionel Messi has produced many moments of pure magic, but this video focuses on rare or unknown dribbles & goals.

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MagicalMessi – as magical as Messi

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  1. MagicalMessi says

    5:08 Who is missing these good old days??

  2. Павел Стрелецкий says

    Футбол:Я шутка для тебя?Месси:Неееет(да)

  3. Louis Tan says

    I know messi is better but we have to give respect to ronaldo unlike messi he trained to be where he is but messi was gifted this is why I appreciate both of them

  4. I Only Reply To Girl says

    The caption of this video should: All miss of messi.

  5. Yokuoms Fn says

    Messi is the best! ❤?

  6. don Nicolas says


  7. achillguy says

    I know Messi is great. And I am a Ronaldo fan but we all should respect both of them until they retire. ?

  8. Ismail Hossen says

    World cup and copa america ain't any joke tho!

  9. eduardo aguilar says

    Ronaldo is 10 times better

  10. Mohammad Akhter says

    Op messi

  11. Karan Karamthot says

    I am ronaldo fan but I know messi will always be a God of foot ball – KARAN KARAMTHOT

  12. Benjamin Musonda says

    I love that loud commentator saying magical. Anybody know his name?

  13. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  14. 5% FOR LIFE , LIFE IS SHORT LIVE IT ! says

    0:19 because the one doing the work is not the same who is watching he is doing his best with his experience and amazing talent

  15. Q- Existence says

    Messi is absolutely the soccer King.

  16. Da Chavi says

    Messi GOAT

  17. KillerCam360 says

    When messi misses a goal at least its entertaining before he shoots

  18. Harsh Motiyani says

    If messi had good team mates in argetina he would have won 2 to 3 world cups

  19. TomRed_ 5 says

    Saludos desde la cuna del futbol o football

  20. Sairaj Ullamgunta says

    0:50,who else thought that the ball was flying?

  21. Gadshil Wilson says

    Nice ?

  22. Parth Bhardwaj says

    No doubt one of the best footballers ever, but please do not use such titles disgracing football as a sport,request.

  23. Avirup Moulick says

    messi has more highlights in a single match than most players do in there entire career

  24. youssouph djiba says

    He's alone at the top

  25. Bilo Rani says

    But still he couldn’t win a world cup for Argentina ?? … which is sad part of his currier

  26. Amega 1nnovations says


  27. Oskar S says

    a litle Messi in Sweden….https://youtu.be/rh3lOngz0NY

  28. Acidic Turtle says

    Reasons why Greenwood is better than that overrated shit Messi:1: He plays in a harder league unlike messi who’s plays In farmers league la liga2: Messi even slided into greenwood’s dms saying messhit3: Ronaldo was Greenwood’s idol4: Arsenal5: the team evolves around Messi with overrated bottlers like Vidal, Suarez, griezmann etc while… Greenwood has to carry his team no support whatsoever like pogba rashford and Fernandes can’t do anything besides being hyped up and cheered on by Man Utd fans every timed they touch a ball. They score jammy penalties. I hope these reasons make you think Greenwood is better than Messi and if anybody says to you otherwise, tell them these reasons.



  30. Ferno.X says

    “Messi class” Love it

  31. Cj says

    Gotta tease for the game yes got your back dad branded not my game dads game

  32. Cj says

    Its clean though yes pays off

  33. Anjal Gaming10 says

    Messi Is the greatest ❤️ no question at all?‍♂️❤️?

  34. JUNIOR says

    football is not a joke football is emotion im a fan of leo i dont like the title

  35. Panashe m Mamvura says

    Messi is extra terrestial in terms of football

  36. salman choudhury says

    The title was hallarius and the thumbnail

  37. Cj says

    Yes this gotta

  38. Potatobananapudding says

    If Messi Had Better Finishing in his Early Years, He'd Have at least 50 more goals by nowLet that Sink in

  39. Aleem Akhtar says

    That's Massi's class above the world class .

  40. Shaa prosperous1 says

    I am the greatest footballer ever

  41. Тимур Худяков says

    God, Alien, Unbelievable, Just the only one?‍♂️?‍♂️

  42. JAY da says

    Playing as a GK is the hardest position in football

  43. Cj says

    Its clean

  44. morpheus glorious says

    How can people still compare Messi with Ronaldo, Pele or Diego.. You can't compare magic with talent. Messi is insane

  45. om karki says

    you r right now messi is jock for football !!

  46. Venom Hype says

    No one ever come close to leo.

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