When you give an iPhone user an Android


* iPhone users have left the chat *

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Filmed by @Ryan The Leader

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  1. Blue Green says

    knocks on tree yEAh, I FiGuReD sO

  2. Diederich Aguirre says

    Those sounds from transformers tho!

  3. Confused Weeb says

    You don't see videos like this everyday

  4. Fame Saber says

    “Oh do you have a charger my phone just died”

  5. Maria Mendoza says


  6. ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou says

    said nucul-ur like G Bush lol


    iPhone was made to be simple and it's actually really easy to get past the security on an iPhone

  8. Anti - Aids says

    This camera quality is pretty good. Must have filmed on an android.

  9. Brian Duncan says

    Kind of sad they didn't show the powershare feature at the end with that s10 lol

  10. Krabster9 says

    Iphone12 pro gang

  11. BlueTnek321 says

    I’ve seen these people but it’s the opposite with people with the latest Samsung and flexing on iPhones

  12. TheTACO Hi says

    I used to use an android, now I use Apple. I am all knowing

  13. GONE WRONG3 says

    Android pheasants in the comment section 😂😂
    Apple boys here 🤳

  14. Ethan Fraser says

    The funniest part is that quite a lot of iPhone parts are actually made by Samsung 😂

  15. Ethcuine says

    Me who wants a windows phone

  16. Nathan Berge says

    What exactly makes an iPhone user stupid? Lol iPhones and Androids these days are equally expensive and each have unique features that make them good. Not dumb to have a preference. Same goes for iPhone users saying androids are cheap. There are just more companies making Androids so some of them cost less..

  17. FilmedIt Studios says

    I am an Apple user. And I approve this message

  18. Umesh Thorbole says

    Atleast we have charger and headphone jack?

  19. blue line says

    Gus is the the few people that can not laugh while doing a skit

  20. Doctor Stonk says

    My phones notmade for two year olds

  21. Nagyidei Bence says

    Android good
    iOS bad

  22. Melimeno says

    Android lives matter

  23. Neco Exius says

    Wont ever be like this when I move from a galaxy s7 to a iphone 11

  24. Wilfi says

    got that arbys shift manager money sooo

    solid flex

  25. K Q says

    Every time I give my friends my s10 they act like they have no idea how to use it. Like its a totally different concept.

  26. RoscoeJustros says

    When people don't realize android isn't just cheap phones from Europe or Asia

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