Where can you find the best martial arts movies in History?


Hundreds of films from the Shaw Brothers Universe of martial arts, kung fu, wuxia, chinese opera, comedy, and horror films are available to STREAM now. Binge your heart out – you’ll never need to wonder what to watch again! Add films to your queue, watchlist, or library!

Where you ask?
AMAZON: www.amazon.com/video/shawbrothers
iTunes: www.itunes.com/shawbrothers
YouTube: www.youtube.com/shawbrothersuniverse
Netflix, Google Play, and Microsoft Movies!

Tell us your favorite flicks in the comments below!!

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  1. Marcio J.M.P says

    Vocês tem que disponibilizar o catálogo de filmes na Amazon Prime da América do Sul também.

  2. LeFruFru says

    Please upload the chinese language versions!! I can't stand the english

  3. Django Wong says

    The 36th Chamber of Shaolin is the best

  4. Denis says

    who did this beat… what is this beat??? this is something that should be on a Wu Tang album… AWESOME

  5. Ahmed Salem says

    Please I need to know the name of an asian movie of 70's which there was a big boss had a young girlfriend and he brought a young guy to teach her kung fu then she felt in love with that guy . That's all I remember.

  6. Carlo Vanstiphout says

    Please make all of these available in Europe, too!

  7. WZD00M says

    Hi i need to find out who could give me permission to have my video unblocked… I got flagged for using a clip from the 36 chambers and do not wish to delete it as the video is non profit.. And i love the video 🙂 if you would rather me remove my video i will do as you Please.Thankyou celestial

  8. UFOSOVERNY says

    Shaw Legends on youtube wants to add more video clips on their page but needs permission first

  9. Perry Pruitt says


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