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Where the Trails Meet: Blending and Braiding Funds for Improved Population Health




South Carolina



Annual Conference

Population Health


NASHP Writers

Wednesday, October 25th
Under a new Administration, there has been increased focus on the need for more flexible federal funding for state health programs. This session examines the implications of braiding, blending, or block granting traditional Medicaid and public health funding streams to support population health goals. Speakers share their own states’ braiding and blending experiences, and discuss innovations and strategies to capitalize on a federal drive toward increased cross-program integration and flexibility. Examples include Louisiana’s Permanent Supportive Housing initiative, South Carolina’s Nurse-Family Partnership Pay for Success initiative, and Vermont’s Supports and Services at Home. This session is presented in partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation.



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    Bryan Amick

    , Acting Deputy Director for Health Programs, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

  • Ana Novais, Executive Director of Health, Rhode Island Department of Health
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    Jenney Samuelson

    , Associate Director, Vermont Blueprint for Health

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    Robin Wagner

    , Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Aging and Adult Services, Louisiana Department of Health

Presented in partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation
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