Which Video Game Challenge Made You Give Up?


How hard can a zero death run on Sekiro be?

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  1. latincristo says

    Beating dark souls 2 without thr bonefire/dying

  2. Noodle Kaboodle says

    I've still never found all the stones of brazenhar (sp?) in Skyrim. It's such a ball ache finding them and some of them can only be found once and if you miss it you can't go back and get it ??? worst quest in all of Skyrim

  3. sconnor8469 says

    Shaolin Monks, when you have to hit the statues as they come at you. The directions from the game aren't even helpful! I was having so much fun too… ?

  4. Alekzie Things says

    Its gonna sound stupid, but ANY mandatory airplane missions in San Andreas. Just got it like a year ago, and Ive heard that the only way you dont struggle witht is is getting a gamepad (which I cant afford due to economic situations). Every few months I give it a try again, and maybe I end up passing one or 2 missions before I quit again for a while

  5. Michael Appleseed says

    The thumbnail shows Jules, but the video starts with a hobo?? Why is that?

  6. elrojojp says

    The ones I remember most are the final boss of sekiro (when I found out you had to fight both genichiro and ashina with 3 health bars I was to scared to try so I went and played other games instead) and getting the platinum trophy for ratchet and clank (I needed one trophy for the platinum and it was finishing 1st place in the first race under 2 minutes, it was so frustrating I gave up)I did manage to beat the final valkyrie, I just changed the difficulty to easy

  7. Nyperold says

    I'm guessing they mean "give up on the challenge" rather than "on the game"?I very nearly got all the… I think… Agility Orbs? Hidden Orbs? …in Crackdown. I don't usually even try, but I did come close. …Then my system wiped everything. Discouraging, and makes me scared to even try playing a game that I know I'll have to save and come back to later because it might just wipe it again.

  8. newfacepaula says

    guitar hero playing on controller is relatively easy compare to using the guitar controller..at least for my experience.

  9. Matt Martin says

    Lovin’ that PB shirt Josh!

  10. Sasa Sasa says

    Guys lets not forget Mushroom 8 in kingdomhearts 2 final mix this little fucker made me cry and i swear lingering will and sephiroth and the data battles are easier even on criticalEdit:thank u square enix

  11. Chloe S says

    I don't know if this counts but the labyrinth zone in the original sonic game. Tried to play it again but I've lost interest in it all together.

  12. Brandon Alloway says

    Any riddler challenge in the Arkham series is the bane of my existence!

  13. Kyle Gillespie says

    I never found the chocobo race or the lightning dodging one in FFX that bad, but I always have issues with butterfly one.

  14. Ian Wolfenbarger says

    Chocobo race I've done twice, 100 lightning dodges was the name of my existence

  15. James Gargan says

    The end game of MGS 5 with the repeat missions

  16. Paulafan5 says

    RDR2 should have all the entries on this list. There are a dozen challenges that are thought up of by sadists that hate video game players. Pick flowers for countless hours in a western game?! The 5 card blackjack one… Ugh… And you'd get 5 cards making 19 and the dealer would get 20… *facepalm. Even using youtube videos, some are still insanely stupid and time consuming. After I finally got the 5 card challenge for blackjack I gave the dealer a stick of dynamite as a "thank you" present.

  17. Andréas Solvang says

    All of them, to lazy mate.

  18. Falcon Eddie says

    Gamble challenges in RDR2

  19. Jack Sapsford says

    Got to love Josh’s T-shirt

  20. loku64 says

    I made chocobo challenge 3 or 4 times? 2-3 on Ps2 once at Ps3. Its doable, didnt took me more than couple Hours at each try

  21. Plauh Mar says

    riding the f-ing horse in read dead 2. a horse is smart enough to avoid trees and stuff

  22. Julian Lopez Perdiz says

    Someone know what is the picture what Jules have behind him?

  23. Mobcatcher23 says

    Nightmare king Grimm in hollow knight 🙁

  24. rockinbro1559 says

    For me it was getting 100 jumps in a row at the casino in Super Mario RPG

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