Who plays faster? A Pianist or the Computer?


Who plays the piano faster? A human pianist or the computer? In this video I used the song Flight of the Bumble Bee to make the comparison between a pianist and the computer.
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  1. Ndjfjeifjdiffjijfi says

    6.24M* thats what i see boy ur famous

  2. The awsome Youtuber says

    Turn the speed to 0.25

  3. IG G says

    Oh, so basically he always just pretending he is playing…

  4. Ayşenur PARLAK says


  5. Michael Williams says

    Plot twist: it’s actually alian vs computer

  6. Adriel Entertainment says

    I think both? Bruh. Haha

  7. Davi Marques Marques says

    0:32 raiva MP3

  8. 이예요Jasmine says

    like your face while you were staring at the camera hahaha

  9. Ruda Gamer says

    Human playing is better just for those tiny mistakes, it Is more natural

  10. Daniel the Cobalt LOL says

    The computer piano was like there was a ghost playing it

  11. Achilles Buena says

    2:15 I dare you to don't smile for 24 hours.

    Pianist: didint smile for 24 hours
    Me: bruh

  12. Nerd_ Funções says

    0:41 acho que fantasmas entraram na sua casa vinheteiro.

  13. Felipeツ Kauan says

    Lord Punheteir0

  14. Cleyson Lacerda says

    É um robô.

  15. Piotr Barcz says

    I was thinking of getting a digital player system like that, arranging RUSH B and having the thing play it.

  16. IceoIoger says

    People: (Watch the Video)
    Later..Pianist: Watching at you

  17. lulWut says

    piano go BRRRRRRRRRR

  18. KRAIG FRY says


  19. Jeroen van Oort says

    What’s this song called?


    That stare is making me uncomfortable :-!

  21. wong kaichin says


  22. Dylan Mandy says

    I hate when piano keys get stuck

  23. Shlomo Ivry says

    Am i the only one wondering where tf he got that piano?

  24. Draveller says

    Being played by the hand of GOD

  25. balls balls says

    70 percent telekinesis piano???
    10 percent hes staring at my soul
    20 percent percentages

  26. donovan phillip says

    little do we know. hes a hacker

  27. Vasysy Vasysy says

    Полет шмеля неожиданно

  28. _SimplyAlan_ says

    I have a feeling that he is trying to penitrate our soul LOL

  29. Toy Bonnie 344 says

    4holenote beats

  30. Nick TRAN says

    Uhhhh, witchcraft?

  31. Lloyd Pantaleon says

    if ghost were plying then they're hands would be so tired

  32. xXThePandaGirlsXx says

    The beat was hypnotising me

  33. Sinception says

    Drinking game: Take a sip every time he blinks

    If you haven't taken a sip, you were paying attention!

  34. thien du says

    This is way too fast 2:12

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