WHO’s Big Event for Mental Health: performance by SuperM


During WHO’s first online global advocacy event for mental health, K-pop group, SuperM, spoke about the importance of positive energy, staying healthy and looking out for one another, before performing their hit song Better Days for viewers from across the world.

The Big Event for Mental Health was held on 10 October 2020, on World Mental Health Day.

watch the entire event here:

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  1. Izzati Fareva says

    Thank you ❤️

  2. we talked to the moon last night says


  3. 94 Kartini says

    Thnks Super M

  4. Abby Gonzalez says

    my heart, thank you superm <3

  5. claudia de la cruz davila says

    Los amo, admiro su gran esfuerzo mis pequeños siempre dando amor gracias

  6. Irene Serrano says

    SuperM is our daily medicine!!!! 😘

  7. Tania Winda Sari says


  8. lenn thokchom says

    Let's not cry ExoLs😭❤️

  9. Minerva Maglalang says

    Better days…
    Hoping that this pandemic will be end…we claim that in the name of Jesus…hold on..pray that there have a better days for us …

  10. Minerva Maglalang says

    Super M…we love you

  11. Ai Zhang says

    This is a song that saved me since it started streaming..

  12. Dwi Novita Sari says

    Ten aaaa~~~~

  13. keyra love says

    Thanks SuperM

  14. farahdilla damayanti says

    im crying 🙂

  15. n be says

    Now I feel healthier

  16. n be says

    Better days with SuperM

  17. EXO-K-L-M we are one! let's love! saranghaja says

    Thankyou WHO & SuperM

  18. Febriana Muflika Sari says

    Sesayang itu gue sama SUPERM

  19. carmen09 says

    This year was and is still so difficult for everyone, but we need to have hope, everything will pass, time heals, "Better Days" will come soon ! keep your hope! ♥

  20. Make a Wish!! says

    This song accompanies me through the tough days of the end here. hearing it makes me feel better thanks superm, thanks WHO ..

  21. Kai Bear says

    Beautiful song with beautiful message from beautiful people – SuperM♥︎

  22. Kai Bear says

    Such a heart-warming song ever ♥︎♥︎♥︎

  23. Kai Bear says

    We ♥︎ SuperM
    The most talented guys alive!
    The best performers alive!
    The purest souls alive!
    Thank you for giving us the strength we need in this year :'))))

  24. Jo Jo says

    I am so proud of them for being a part of this.
    As someone who has been fighting depression for years now, music is my biggest lifeline when I often lose hope, I was not prepared for the impact this song would have on me, the day the album released and I was listening to it, this song just hit me in the heart like a fist, the words where what I needed to hear at that time, I haven’t cried so much to a song in a long time.
    Thank you so much for this song, it does give hope ❤️

  25. Moonie Cas says

    This song is wonderful 🥰

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