Why does everyone hate Exynos? [Galaxy Note 20 Exynos 990 controversy explained]


There’s plenty of online drama about the difference between Qualcomm Snapdragon and Samsung Exynos chips in the Galaxy S20 series. So what’s all the fuss about Exynos 990 in the new Note 20? And why does everyone seem to hate Exynos?

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  1. HeySup says

    I think Kirin has better battery optimization.

  2. Kyle Salle says

    My Exynos S20 battery life total crap compare to my Snapdragon S10e. Had enough of Samsung!

  3. pipnmaz says

    Buy a different phone altogether is the way I'm going. There are Snapdragon 865 phones available for S20 money or less than S20 money so why let Samsung get away with this?

  4. Master Yoda says

    i have note 10 plus (exynos) no problem at all in performance and battery or even gamingi think note 10 plus (SD) is slightly better but not a big dealbut i think S20 (exynos vs SD) the difference in performance got really way bigger than before and very noticeable i bet NOTE 20 is gonna be even worse since they stuck with the same exynos from the S20

  5. Anurag Jaitly says

    Drop samsung altogether and shift to something like OnePlus 8 pro with Snapdragon 865.

  6. Diallo Abdoulaye says

    Buy a different phone

  7. goodboy_us says

    That’s why I’m using Apple ?

  8. Picklu Ghosh says

    If only the Exynos verson is significantly priced less than the Snapdragon version after currency conversion then only will get will buy one or else may be pixel5 or iphone12. Loved to have Huawei p40 pro but then boycotting Chinese.

  9. Bogdan Zavate says

    I would like to import a note 20ultra from US but i dont know exactly how to do it.


    Don’t buy this crap better buy iPhone.My last note 10 + stop working within 3 month

  11. dannyboio37 says

    I definitely won't be getting next year's Galaxy after the heat problems I'm having with this S20 Ultra.Throttling and screen dimming is doing my head in

  12. TheMakhnovist says

    Kill Exynos and bring back the headphone jack and I will return to Samsung.

  13. Retrx says

    "Sucks to be EU" love it

  14. Michael Geller says

    The honorable thing to do for Samsung would be to lower the price in the Exynos markets with at least 10% as it is an inferior product. The Exynos was the reason I didn't go for the S10 instead I choose the Huawei P30 Pro. The P30 Pro is an excellent camera phone but I'm not rely happy to support Huawei so maybe I will test the other side next time and go for an iPhone Pro.

  15. Lukas Dvorok says

    I won't buy any Samsung phone until they fix Exynos issues or use Snapdragon in Europe. They need to get clear message, or nothing will change.

  16. Tomica Sotirovski says

    Im currently using exynos s10+ and I'm satisfied. I'm not in the market for a new phone. If I were, I would import a snapdragon version, after reading online and watching videos on the matter. It's simply unacceptable to pay the same price for an inferior product. If the difference was minimal (3-5%), it's ok. When buying a premium phone you would expect to get the best there is. Cheers!

  17. Rich Cowan says

    Ok let’s be clear here. Firstly I found that you’ve been very conservative about your wording. You say things like a slight difference in performance. A slightly longer battery life. Slightly better in gaming . Then the creme de la creme “ Most note or galaxy users won’t notice the difference.! I find this astonishing considering there was a 45k plus signed petition sent to Samsung about the disparity between the 865 chip and the 990 exynos. That in itself should tell you Most owners have noticed! Then to say there’s a slight difference is Wrong and misleading! It’s been shown that there is anything up to a 30 percent difference between the two chips in performance and various other factors. The neural engine on the 865 model has 50 percent more transistors. Thus making for better overall photography. Games frames were dropping like hot cakes on the 990. The frame rates were as much as 25 percent less than 865 consistently. Thermal throttling has been a major issue. My exynos s20 ultra gets red hot if you turn it off and back on a couple of times! So I’d go as far to say there’s a Big difference between the 865 and 990 chips not a slight difference as you mention. And I can assure you there are a ton of people aware of this difference not a handful as you say.

  18. Vanraj vannu006 says

    Samsung should work on Exynos

  19. Kiergard says

    Only half explained.You completely missed the camera part. The snapdragon version puts out more detailed pictures and is faster in processing those.Overall the snapdragon version has:- Better reception- Better battery life- Better performance overall and especially in gaming- Better camera quality and faster processing of photos and videoOver-Overall: Its a different device for the same price.

  20. Filip Nicola says

    I hate Exynos. Here in the UK, the phones cost like $50-70 more than their American counterparts, with worse performance! Heck, they used to market the Note Series as power phones for power users, well I'm one of those people and I have worse performance than non power users might have! I'm also not hopeful for the Exynos 1000 series either, as I don't feel that it'll be as powerful as Snapdragon.

  21. Cristi Soare says

    I don't feel affected when I never used a snapdragon in a Samsung but when the word spread and see the differences between the two processors are so clear but have the same price …I feel mugged.I understand that you want your in house processors but look at the competition (Kirin) witch is younger but more reliable.

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