Why eating healthy is so expensive in America


Produce helps your health and hurts your wallet, but some strategies may change that.

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The American dinner plate is deficient in nutritious produce, and part of the problem is cost. Because diets low in fruits and vegetables have serious consequences, health advocates have tried to incentivizes Americans to choose apples over donuts for years but with little success.

In the US, a nation with high rates of diseases such as obesity and diabetes , a variety of strategies – from a junk food tax to a produce prescription program – are now being tested. But there are a number of factors that still stand in the way of Americans having healthier, more affordable produce and dietary options.

We asked the experts how to eat healthy on a budget. Here are 11 tips to keep in mind:

Vox health correspondent, Julia Belluz, answers more of your everyday health questions:

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  1. Vox says

    Even for those who want to eat healthy, picking the right diet can be tricky. Watch our video on the ketogenic diet, the latest fad in eating healthy: http://bit.ly/2DNkjZh

  2. Nicole Orellana says

    because the big industries wouldnt get money from obese Americans if eating healthy was a cheap option

  3. Aldo Stana says

    In albania with 10 dollars you can buy 4kilogram of apples 6 of potatoes and 1 of strawberry and a little icecream

  4. Jay Frias-Diaz says

    ….no it’s actually cheaper in the long run ._. You just gotta think smart about it

  5. boot up says

    There is something called cooking

  6. Wan Humiوان حومي says

    Can you imagine a country with much lower currency

  7. that’s what she said says

    why does everyone assume apples cost $2 in nyc not every store is gonna charge you that much it literally depends on the store because yes we too have 30 cent apples here

  8. Athena Aviles says

    People cant afford healthy food?: LETS TAX JUNK FOODS?

  9. Eddie Avinashi says

    Fun Fact: Moderate caloric restriction has been shown to be healthier for you. So buy few apples and eat few apples versus buying for calories. You have higher nutrient density, lower body weight, better physiology. Even if you're feeding a family, it's better that they get one apple versus three donuts.And if you're worried about that comparison, go buy lentils and rice. They have more calories and protein per dollar than buying meat.

  10. Benjamin Bierley says

    Junk food taxLobbyists: Yeah no…

  11. Mark says

    This is such a trash video. It's an absolute myth that healthy food is unaffordable

  12. oreosaysb00 says

    America should be a free market capitalism. Stop subsidizing and stop bailing out corporations!

  13. Ian Sutherland says

    So… you want to tax… anything unhealthy? Thank god this is only an American problem then… 1 donut where i am costs 2 dollars, with the same 2 dollars you can make a full homemade spaghetti sauce with pasta, and still have enough to buy 3-5 apples…

  14. Pluto • 47 years ago says

    Solution: make apples cheap and donuts really expansive.

  15. Sophia says

    Checks local grocery store, apples are 40 cents…. Checks strawberry price, a 16 ounce container of strawberries is $1.73… Maybe they are taking prices from a NY Whole Foods.

  16. aesthetically lyrics says

    1 kilogram of apple here is only 1$.

  17. Tony K says

    While I enjoyed the video and agree with the sentiment of taxing junk food and using that money to subsidize healthy food, I disagree with the premise that healthy food is actually more expensive than junk food. Per calorie, yes sure, but per pound, no. Per liter, no. It is the weight and volume of the food that fills you up, not the calories, and we don't need to consume as many calories as we do, so we should not be using a per-calorie metric to base this statement off of.

  18. MrThatGuyYouForgot says

    The subsidies on healthy food work. They do them throughout Europe and healthy food is cheaper than junk food there. Not surprisingly they don't have near the problem with obesity and related diseases we have here. It really is a pretty simple fix. Stop subsidizing food that tends to be in unhealthy products and subside food that's healthy. I swear everyone in America talks about these kinds of problems like they're unsolvable or they have no idea what to do but the rest of the developed world solved them a long time ago. All you have to do is do what they did.

  19. Muntashir Rahman says

    Apples are expensive in America because of Apple…

  20. karma says

    In India for $ 10 you can feed a family

  21. Harsh Agarwal says

    Now I understand why most Americans eat garbage junk food

  22. Dani Ann says

    People say eating healthy is so expensive, but everyone can seem to afford alcohol and cigarettes.

  23. abbey says

    i live in a state that is pretty expensive, so this is accurate for me. thankfully my family can afford to buy fresh fruits and veggies but many don’t have that opportunity. i’m also celiac, and buying gluten free stuff can be insanely expensive. some gluten free bread can cost $7 for a small loaf. i couldnt imagine having celiacs while having a lower income. it’s ridiculous that we haven’t been able to make healthy food accessible to all.

  24. Warai says

    Junk food tax on candies? Why not Junk food tax on ACTUAL FOOD LIKE FASTFOOD RESTAURANTS?!

  25. Warai says

    No wonder the Guy that eats pizza only lives in usa

  26. Yung Lady says

    So it is in Cambodia.

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