Why I Know Nothing About Football Manager


So, Football Manager is complicated. Making videos about Football Manager is even more so. The alchemy of getting answers from a game built to make you play it like real life is a serious challenge, one I have tried to tackle in a number of ways. I run tests on FM, ask other people in the FM community, read posts from Sports Interactive to find out what they’re doing with Football Manager now and in the future. Sometimes, it’s not enough.

As we continue to grow here, I am putting structures in place to get more concrete answers when they can be attained. I felt it was important to explain this part of the video-making process around FM though. Regrettably, it’s not a perfect science, because FM was designed that way. You can rest assured I will try to power my way through this problem, but in the mean time – let’s keep the Football Manager debate alive and well. Also, tell me when you think you know something better! I do seriously want to know so I can make a video about it. Alright, kool.

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  1. Daniel Lovell says

    If everything was mathematical and certain, the game would be unrealistic, unentertaining, and pointless.

  2. 2901Josh says

    Not heard many other people articulate what it is that makes FM so enjoyable as well as you do. The countless variables at play at all times makes it so difficult to crack and what actually makes it fun. Don't know if it's just me but it's often the seasons struggling with a team before you become successful that keeps you playing, it's a game that really is all about the journey and not the destination. Also can anyone tell me why the trophy lift animation at 4:02 doesn't happen in my game when I win a trophy?

  3. unfortunatebicycle says

    Athletic bilbaos cantera rule

  4. Zac says

    Wouldn't stress about it Zealand pal. Redditors are what they say pretty much. Know-it-alls that think they are very smart. Your advice helps.

  5. Sneaky Dab Emoji says

    never listen to anything reddit says. its a bunch of shit that is occasionally entertaining tbh.

  6. Baky says

    A bit of a random question, but does anybody know of a (free) FM 20 3D KIT TEMPLATE?? I've been downloading stuff for the past 2 hours and apparently nobody knows what 3d means.

  7. The Gaming Musab says

    love the video

  8. International Art Projects says

    Ive had some amazing head of youth dev that always deliver golden generations and they never have amazing stats.

  9. International Art Projects says

    I love this game, you do the best videos.

  10. q0w1e2r3t4y5 says

    When I first saw your videos a few months back I thought you're just another kid who plays dumb and silly to gain followers among teens. Now I think that you're secretly wise and who looks to be as unbiased about things as much as possible.

  11. Jay Myers says

    Took over Whitby Fisherman's Society for a new save. Why? I simply liked the name plus Whitby is a small little coastal village that I would love to visit. They are in the 12th tier of English football. Got them promoted to 11th tier, and won the Dick Madden and MacMillan trophies. Onward!

  12. Kenzie Haigh says

    zealand do one about explaining takeovers. Ive looked everywhere and cant find anything solid about them. 400+ hours and never had one succeed

  13. Kaskae says

    Just remember that Ronaldo and Messi STILL have haters. You can't please everyone.

  14. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  15. Jorge Nuno Sequeira says

    "The game is what you make it" pretty much sums it up – as long as you keep enjoying what you do, keep it up and keep doing it your way. If you find other people that enjoy the game in a similar manner than you, awesome.Deep down, my guess is they just want to get invited to the FM Streamer Showdown but can't make it that far.Regardless, I really enjoy your videos and I appreciate you keeping making and sharing them. Thanks, Zealand!

  16. DAMMO_23 says

    Great vid mate! Fm should never be solved! It’s what creates the enjoyment of it! The trial and error with tactics! The management and the stories all wouldn’t happen if the game was solved! Also you understand plenty mate about this game mate ??

  17. Gavin Handley says

    The calculation of your team's chance of winning is already visible, it's the odds you get pre match. But it doesn't take into account events in the game or your tactics etc

  18. TheKick32 says

    Hi Zealand, I have a degree in Data Analytics and work as a data analysis consultant. I have looked into doing data and statistical analyses of FM in the past. I have always gotten stuck trying to find a way to get the FM database in queryable form. If possible I would really like to offer my services/help and could send you some statistical work samples to prove that I am capable of doing statistical analysis.

  19. bonkers1987 says

    Can you do a video on these please, it may be more up your street :p https://youtu.be/UKR2vRj8Xzk

  20. Tristen Berger says

    Is transfer value a good way to gauge potential for young players?

  21. Demuus Rex says

    what does the Match Review look like? I've never received one in my in-box, even when I ask for one (per your previous instructions). I DO get a "Post-Match Anaylsis" from my chief data Analyst, which I've just assumed was the "Match review" that you are talking about. I started getting the PMA's after I assigned my chief analyst to perform an ongoing "scout the opposition" assignment. I noticed that I was getting these PMA's, even without calling for a match review, so I suspect I don't really know what a Match review looks like. I've been conflating the PMA to a MR. Can you tell me where the MR can be viewed? I've searched my "advice/reports" check screen, but cannot find it, and don't see one in my in-box.

  22. WizoIstGott says

    Dude you can remember the relationship between all personalities and hidden attributes. I still need a spreadsheet to remember if Fickle is good.

  23. Raging Potato says

    Haha I still remember my victory when we played a long time ago! Before the Zealand legend was created. So that means I won those showdown's right? 😛 You're spot on with a lot of this mate!

  24. Plusi says

    Just found your channel and thought your content was great but now that the great minds of Reddit have had their say, I may have to unsub.

  25. nottodayimsleeping says

    I've been playing since Championship Manager 92/93 on an Amiga where I had to change floppy disks. Zealand teaches me stuff I had no clue about.

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