Why iPhone's iOS is Better Than Android?


Why iPhone’s iOS is Better Than Android?

Hey #TechGang
In this video, I am talking about iOS. Well, Many of you asked me why iPhone iOS is secure? What is the Apple ecosystem, What makes ios smooth, Why android can’t match iOS performance? and more.

Similarly, I will make a video! How Android is better than iOS!

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  1. TechBar says

    Kuch Dino Mei Android ko Support Karenge 😀

    Uski List Bhi Bohot Lambi Hai…!

  2. Hemant Soni says

    Kya chu bana ra hai

  3. Bharat Singh Rajput says

    Open Source > Everything

  4. Janmejay Singh says

    Reah Chakraborty bhi iphone use karti thi 🤣🤣🤣

  5. pankaj deb says


  6. Anuj Shrestha says

    I don't want to divert my mind i'm not watching that android wala video

  7. Surbhi Diary says

    Nice information

  8. Technical Gamer says

    Iphone restricts user in name of security.

  9. Adithya NG says

    Apple ho kar bhi google use karta hai , Google is the best Android ki jai

  10. Adithya NG says

    He means to say Apple khared te jaavo ,jaane iss ke liye kidney kyu na bechne pade

  11. LOST VIKINGS says

    Android is better see this videohttps://youtu.be/em7EqyipLnM

  12. Best Moments says

    Samsung don't need virus to lag. Exynos processor is more than enough to slow it down. ( 9611).

  13. Tanishka Tanishka says

    Aare bhai tum hare pass paisey hongay lekin hamarey pass nahi hai

  14. pubg Streaming Bihar wala says

    Sir es ka part 2 banaye please 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Priyanka Koundal says

    Ameer log 😢😢😢😢😢😭😼

  16. Purusottam Roy says

    IOS me, Android jaisa Trucaller kam kare ga kaya? Please reply.

  17. mbasit mughal says

    Iphone is good pleaseeeeeeee made next part

  18. yamin gamexr says

    Android is da best

  19. A K says

    Android s better

  20. Trinayan Dutta says

    Don't do to the lower part, everyone is asking for kidney 😂

  21. Beepin Rana Chhetri says

    android is always best..

  22. tech dhamaka says

    Android is best

  23. khan baba says

    Hello to kese hain aplog please me please mujhy aap ki support ki zarorat hai

  24. Junaid Hashmi says

    Life easy nhi hoti….

  25. Aditya Chowdhury says

    One of the most useful video related to this yet!❤

  26. Muhammad Zubair says

    Data nahi deta

  27. my sarcasm may offend you says

    Heart : samsung s20
    Brain : samsung s10e
    Wallet : samsung A30

  28. Binoy Debnath says

    I love apple 🍎 phones

  29. VK VLOGS says

    I use 1 phone 11 And one plus 8pro I love this to

  30. Nice Video. It is really helpful.

  31. Doyal Jose says

    I'm an android user and I'm so sad after watching this video.

  32. ani kaw says

    iOS is feels like a jaill . you can't do whatever you want.

  33. dev nandaniya says

    Just show me one iphone that can run 1 day by full charge🤪🤪🤪🤪 that was bad joke from you that iphone can run full day on single charge

  34. bad luck says

    Bahut acha video Hai

  35. Aman says

    Fun Fact: This Video Is Sponsered By Apple

  36. lovi lubana says

    baii mera pass iphone xs ha …… par baii mena galti krli hisko le kar …. android se ios par aana bot mushkil sa h … bilkul b dil ko achaa nhi lagta ye ios system … pc sa connect krne ma hitni mushkil … folder hee show nhi hote benchod … apps hee nhi ha app store bot jyada jo andriod ma h …. har side se close ha iphone … mena 1000€ hispe khrab krr diya h aab ma phone change b nhi krr skta baii … bass isme new updates jo ios ka hote h bass wo ek thik batt h

  37. mehul patel says

    hy i really like your video the way u speak i relly like i am 1st time using iphone so can u please make a video of basic use of iphone which is usefull

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