WHY IS SESSION THE HARDEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!? (seriously, please help) | Session


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I’m not sure what it is about Session but I can not for the life of me figure out how to get good at it. RIGHT when things started to make sense, I got a new PC and lost all of my Session control settings that you guys helped me with. I’m pretty much back to square one, except I’m even more frustrated because I’m moving backwards. PLEASE help me in the comments and let me know what settings I should use to get the most out of Session. I’ve heard all these amazing stories of how it’s more rewarding than Skater XL, etc, but the only thing I’ve learned is that I like to rage quit. Please help.

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  1. Garrett Ginner Gaming says

    Why am I so bad at this?

  2. Ryan Meursing says

    What’s playing in the background?

  3. Dale French says

    Make a video playing Skater XL regular

  4. A F says

    day 964838 of asking garret to play wwe funny moments

  5. Roman Duran says

    I think you should keep these settings and just learn how to play that way because it has the most potential once you start to master it

  6. Roman Duran says

    When trying to grind, instead of holding the stick straight down, you can point it down and towards the ledge at an angle and when you Ollie you’ll Ollie into it and you’ll most likely land in a better position than if you were to just do a regular Ollie, kind of like in real life

  7. Ross Fiddes says

    My god session LOOKS visually much much better. Skater XL need to start communicating with the community before the console community give up with that empty ass game.

  8. Taylor Jordan says

    Man I wish session and skaterxl were a combined venture and included the best from both. The subtleties in the skaters BODY movements in session make for some amazing looking gameplay, when you can animate the character correctly. This comes with remembering how the game reacts to different inputs, but ultimately changes the animation to be smooth or not.Skaterxl feels like the board is reacting to your inputs and the environment. This creates the sensation of amazing control and connection with your tricks (not skater model, but tricks themselves). But this leaves you sometimes feeling like your skater isnt fully connected with your board and subsequently makes landings and catches look awkward. This can be mitigated with timing manual catches with controlling your flip speed, body spin speed, but still leaves some fluidity to be desired.I hope someone reads this. I like skaterxl much more but hoping for session to come through with updates to gameplay to be an absolute banger. It has serious potential

  9. Roman Duran says

    I love session but I do suck at it. Sometimes I get lucky and things go my way but then it’s impossible to replicate it. I do enjoy watching you play session even though you struggle. That’s part of what I like

  10. Артём Фёдоров says

    just practice x)

  11. Keys s says

    You’re pretty much playing like if you just brought a skate board and never knew how to skate and tried to kick flip a 15 stair and gave up instead of starting on flat ground and getting better

  12. I sever heads says

    You have to use both sticks for grinds not necessarily at the same time

  13. Will Nicholas says

    Play beyond scared straight in the background video

  14. Super Clan says

    Day 44 of asking garrett to play shrek coming uot of the poter poty meme

  15. SpongeBobGayPants says

    you can catch your tricks by pushing the sticks both up and down. so like you can push right stick up to catch with the back foot but you wont land in a manual

  16. Isaic covarrubias says

    Play how to basic in the background plzz

  17. Ollie Somerville says


  18. Oskar Bjønnes Andersson says

    Can you put peppa pig on the TV. PLZ

  19. Rene De Villiers says

    Just watch the fucking tutorial

  20. Henning Lundgren says

    Play Steve Will do it chug compilation

  21. GameToTheMax says

    Play more session

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