Why Lou Malnati's Is Chicago's Favorite Deep Dish Pizza | Legendary Eats


In Chicago, Lou Malnati’s is the top choice for the city’s iconic deep-dish pizza. The restaurant’s most popular pie comes packed with tangy marinara sauce, an exclusive sausage blend, and Wisconsin-made mozzarella cheese layered on top of flaky butter crust. Currently, the restaurant’s 60 locations are offering curbside pickup and local delivery, but customers can also get their frozen pies delivered anywhere in the country. We caught up with Chicago’s favorite deep dish spot and the customers who love it to see what makes Lou Malanti’s a standout in the region.

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Why Lou Malnati’s Is Chicago’s Favorite Deep Dish Pizza | Legendary Eats

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  1. Food Insider says

    Love Chicago? Billy Goat Tavern, established in 1934, is a burger institution in Chicago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsem5CKn-pk

  2. Kage Kun says

    I just purchased two Frozen deep-dish is from here since they now delivered Nationwide everybody says they're Pizza even the Frozen version is still amazing

  3. ag says

    chicago deep dish is just a casserole

  4. Muther Goose says

    Love Lou's. IMO Burt's pizza is lightyears ahead. RIP Burt Katz.

  5. ShreddLeddbetter says

    Chicagoan here with Italian relatives. We are not too sure about this. I have only had Malnati's thin crust and it was terrible. Maybe the deep dish is good and I'll have to try it soon. I've always preferred Giordano's, it is so good!

  6. Phobe Romys says

    That's not pizza

  7. Simone Taddia says

    172 Neapolitan pizza makers and their grandmothers are crying. No wonder USA has an obesity epidemic.

  8. kellerdood32 says

    Gotta go to the Original in Lincolnwood. Thank me later.

  9. Heaven IsHere7 says

    Even the frozen style they ship out was some of the best pizza I've ever had. Really good crispy crust all the way around but still somehow has that deep dish consistency where it meets the fresh and high quality mozzarella. The sauce is plentiful and flavorful, not too complex and simple enough to meet all flavor palates. Robust freshly ripened roma tomatoes would be my guess with a moderate reduction profile. I can't quite remember the exact flavor profile but my mouth is watering reminiscing the pizza. The pepperoni version was great too, and not overly greasy. I can't imagine how good a fresh pizza is.

  10. Average E Girl says

    It isnt even that deep-

  11. A jay Rogus says

    Genos east is better

  12. Blue Notez says

    Lou Malnati's for my mind, soul and my body

  13. nayChanelツ says

    This is the best way I’ve seen to promote health and fitness lol

  14. Dave Ruckert says

    I worked out a poor man's version of this using a deep dish pie crust in the recipe. Not quite the same, but actually pretty darn good.

  15. Vibrant Delights Lifestyle says

    We’ve only eaten out once since February and our choice early May was Lou Malnati’s…Carol Stream location! I grew up eating UNO’s but I love my Lou’s. ???

  16. Timothy Landry says

    Giordano’s hands down

  17. 70Slinger says

    I live in the South U.S.A never had a New York slice or a Chicago deep dish. Maybe I'm just hungry but both of them look great to me now.

  18. Kelly Pedersen says

    It's so sad driving past the original Lou Malnati's in Lincolnwood these days and not seeing it packed to the rafters on the weekend (but again, this is all for the best . . . for now at least: I'm glad they're still doing curbside).

  19. Kirb's Kitchen says


  20. Matthew Tremayne says

    "One bite, everyone knows the rules" – El Presedante

  21. will pxzza says

    sorry, can't compare to dominos

  22. Xenon 4300 says

    Luckily I moved to Phoenix where Lou’s has capitalized on the Chicago roots of this town and I couldn’t feel more at home because of that.

  23. audilicous says

    It’s not real pizza. STOP CALLING IT PIZZA.

  24. McMoofly says

    I don't care what a crap night I've had but when the crew and I head down to Lu's it just makes everything right. It's pretty much just Chicago's best comfort food.

  25. isaiah jordan says

    Lou Malnatis deep dish is butt cheeks compared to Giordanos… I feel bad for all the tourists that eat that thinking it’s the best in Chicago

  26. Pedro San Roman says


  27. Chris M says

    Whose gotta clean Malnati’s restrooms?

  28. Ben S says

    Anyway to reduce packaging ?

  29. joey sauce says

    el prezzzzzz

  30. crazylova91 says

    Don't care for a pizza place that offers no ground beef or chicken or any non-pork options for people who don't eat pork! Dunno what they were thinking of when they came up with the menu.

  31. Life Diaries By KD says

    Very impressive ??

  32. A T says

    For health reasons, I'm on a no fat raw vegan low histamine diet lately.. and if I can ever eat regular food again.. I'm trying one of these.

  33. William Stephens says

    Damn you can hear the stress in his voice .

  34. Maria says

    You can get 2 of his pizzas shipped for $67. They say they feed 2 adults…idk how I feel about that. ?

  35. you can run but you can’t hide says

    Looks nice ?????????????

  36. Nemes1s Gaming says

    I’m from Chicago and I never liked deep dish pizza

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