Why You Shouldn't Use a 4K TV as a Computer Monitor


A 4K TV will work as a computer monitor but if you choose the wrong one you’ll end up with an inferior experience. Specifically you’ll want to watch out for chroma subsampling and input lag.

If you’re curious about all the product mentioned, links are below:
Vizio 40″ 4K TV
BenQ BL3201PH 32″ 4K Monitor
LG UH6100 43″ 4K
Sony X700D 4K
Samsung KU6300

*I’m still using an old Panasonic Plasma TV because they are still awesome.


Learn about 4:4:4 / 4:2:2 / 4:4:4 chroma subsampling here:

rtings.com is a great website that compares and measures all these specifications. Measurements provided in this video were from that website.


Intro – JPB – High [NCS Release]

Background – Soul Catalyst – Solstice

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  1. David Zhang says

    For anyone who is too lazy to watch the whole video:- You CAN use a 4K TV as your computer monitor (most people won't even notice the problems)- The main issues to consider are 4:4:4 Chroma Subsampling & Input Lag- Not all TVs have these issues, some are perfectly acceptable as monitors if you don't mind the size- The important point is that you are aware so you can identify and research on your ownlol. you people are funny but it's good to try and keep everything honest.

  2. HiZ RedShift says

    Highly recommend going to the Rtings.com website if you are considering a TV as PC monitor as they give very clear and detailed info and scores on pretty much every TV going back few years that will def help you decide. Btw David you get a like for printing out and framing those NASA JPL travel posters 🙂

  3. Adli Bery says

    Buy a UHD

  4. Sangging BS says

    I still use my 32 inch bravia tv as pc monitor for almost 8 years !!!

  5. Why tho? says

    This is just propaganda by the monitor industrial complex XD

  6. kar98k gang says

    My tv is literally the size of a monitor

  7. Magallan Chan says

    will premiere pro lag? im not looking to do some fancy editing. just placing an image of which map areas i travel in 1 hour clips. I need more space to edit because i only have an average sized monitor

  8. Hari Singh says

    What does 4:4:4 mean?

  9. Vikrant Chavan says

    Bro my tv is telling ' No signal ' I connected to cpu 1. I used tv as monitor.2. I used connnector of Hdmi to vga.3.hdmi to tv and vga to cpu.4. STILL THEY ARE TELLING NO SIGNAL

  10. DJ UNCLE GEN says

    So why make this video if the tech is out there… I AM THE FUTURE TALKIN..2020

  11. Luis Navarro Realtor says

    if i connect a 4k monitor to my old desktop will i see in 4k? do i need to update the video card on my pc to see 4k? now i have a 1080 monitor and my pc has a amd Radeon rx 480 graphics card

  12. Kind Old Raven says

    Oh man how times have changed ;p Several TV's are now basically better high-end gaming monitors than gaming monitors. Everything has up and downsides but a lot of things have improved and for some reason TVs are improving more rapidly than monitors by a large mile outside of raw refresh rates.

  13. Luhboyk says

    Nobody cares.

  14. GodOfHate says

    Most TVs stay at 60hz refresh rate, right? Personally, I prefer monitors 144hz and up, though its not a deal breaker. Is there a way to OC it and raise the refresh rate, despite the TV being 60hz by default? (Forgive my cluelessness, only recently got into PC building, just built my first rig awhile back, and have a lot to learn still :P)

  15. ExhumedXxXx says

    I use both, competitive games I use my gsync 144fps 1440p monitor. Single player games it’s controller and 4K tv time.

  16. Madmax83 says

    was curious about this, because I was going to spend like 2 grand on a new gaming laptop this week, the I got the idea. I play my laptop on my bed, and my 55 inch 4k tv is on my dresser. Why cant I get a PC, use a wireless keyboard, and play it on my bed?I'll be able to get a PC that is MUCH faster for half the price ffs.

  17. sandip patel says

    what should i do when i using my 55" tv as monitor but it is very slow running of mouse cursor, and whole these things are annoying, so please tell me what to do with settings.

  18. harsha vardhan irugu says

    Was the game Goat simulator….lol

  19. John-alan Short says

    Thanks for the info. This confirmed that I should be able to use my tv as a monitor.

  20. f x says

    You talk too much

  21. John Samson says

    I'm making this comment 3 years into this video and I would say that almost all 4k tvs now handle chroma 4:4:4. Just make sure you are using a high bandwidth hdmi cable to enable it.

  22. TheMe1011KgmMaster says

    0:59 ayyy adam ragusea

  23. KAIN'S TORMENT says

    i want a 49" 4k curved monitor but I'm after wide and hight… this link here https://ao.com/product/ue55ru7300-samsung-ru7300-tv-black-67773-108.aspx?&WT.z_PT=AV&WT.z_AT=Led%20Tvs&WT.z_BR=Samsung&WT.z_FT=Free%20Standing&WT.z_PC=UE55RU7300&WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=Affiliate&WT.z_RTM=PHG&WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=cbances&WT.z_RTM=PHG&WT.z_CN=1011l14190&WT.z_AG=Comparison&WT.z_AT=15925149706322177439112011000008005&WT.z_KW=cbances is the ideal size as its both wide and high plus is 4K and curved. Will this work for a computer? all 49" monitors are wide but they ignore the hight part.

  24. TrueKing says

    Vizio TVs have the worst input lag I’ve ever witnessed, my Samsung tv has game mode and makes a hell of a difference in most TVs

  25. JacobOlli says

    What about a screen for PS5, is the difference between 1ms and 5ms response time big. When you play online games? Wanted to get a 4K monitor, but can only find one in 5 ms

  26. Ramaswamy Sankarasubbu says

    If u connect your laptop or desktop to tv …. you won't see the boot up screen on tv… your tv wud start recognize your laptop only after it gets booted up..

  27. Travis Suter says

    I’ve used my Bravia 4K 65” for 3 years now. I’ll never go back to using a pc monitor.

  28. Something To Do says

    Makes sense, I think the middle ground is just having a large computer monitor and using that as a TV, so you don't watch as much 🙂

  29. STEVE says

    Iuse a vizio 50in 4k@120hz on game mode and i honestly dont notice the latency

  30. sweetchaos Fox says

    my question is can i use this TV for live streaming on my chat channel so i dont have to Alt tab out of my game just to chat with my audience, then switch back to tv to watch movies and shows, thats all i want

  31. German Figueroa says

    Thank You David. Very well explained. I have no idea about the Chroma feature and the lag issue. btw please in the future dont use that video of the animal being crashed and dragged bay the car. Very violent for many people.


    Meh. Not that convincing. If the market continues to use TV's as monitors then the tech will catch up and resolve the "problems" this video highlights. Save your money folks!

  33. Aditya Vora says

    I saw u were using dell monitor there. How many inches ? And what's the cost . Can you pls provide link for it . Thanks buddy

  34. Candace Jones says

    As a desktop monitor to pair with my MacBook Pro 13”, it is almost perfect. ☀️.☀️>JustU.Faith/HP-27?宴 Being able to use the usb cable from the monitor to the Mac as both a power cable and signal cable is slick.

  35. z1zn says

    Thank you

  36. Gino Peñaflor says

    Hi i have a TV 4k@60Hz. But how will i know it is 4:4:4? And what is 444? I lost the manual and box. Help me..

  37. Kornelije Kovac says

    Doesn't HDMI transfer 24 bit RGB from the video card? What does chroma subsampling has to do with?

  38. Pinokio pank says

    are u chinese ?

  39. St Hope says

    Hi, what connection do you use for your plasma? Thanks.

  40. mathew hart says

    Awesome video thanks for the video. I do use a tv screen as my second screen, it is pretty old tv but my computer is 6 year old too. I am upgrading my computer and looking into monitors and looking for a second screen. I will probably stick with a tv screen as a second monitor as I use it mainly for YouTube or things other than gaming.

  41. maldo72 says

    i use a 55 inch vizio tv for editing zero problems no reason to buy a 800 small monitor for your average user

  42. Týr says

    Who tf uses a tv for a computer monitor

  43. Lane Welch says

    I was just thinking if I got a TV and hooked up my computer to it, I could get a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and stay in bed while I play games

  44. jingyi lu says

    any update on 2020 Apr?

  45. bill smith says

    My 55 inch TCL TV is rocking as a monitor.

  46. GotherL says

    My mom's 43 inch monitor stopped working. She wants one just as big but can only afford $300. I found a prime cables TV monitor that has hdmi input at that price would that be a good replacement for her? She only watches videos and plays casual games like poker and slot games on bluestacks. She doesn't do any hardcore gaming or read webpages and she definitely cannot afford a 43" inch computer monitor. Details:43" DLED backlit display with FHD 1080p resolution for a crisp and clear picture60Hz refresh rate provides a smooth picture with reduced motion blurDual 8W speakers for your enhanced audio experienceOptical digital output for connection to a multi-channel audio receiver and surround sound systemConnectivity options include three HDMI inputs, one VGA and one component input allowing you to connect multiple HD devices

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