1. Yo boi the why not shrek says


  2. Nicktoons Awesome says

    I remember all my other friends beside two had didnt wii u's and one of them moved before I could get their friend code luckily I still know the other to this day we talks last week actually

  3. YellowpowR says

    Well, I got to use this once so far ever. I wonder if I'll ever find use for it again. We just competed in drawing on our screen almost the entire time.

  4. Spiritual Pick says

    sad clown noises

  5. NonoSplatoon 23 says

    I only used Wii U Chat to call a friend who lived right next to my house, what memories!

  6. AJ says

    lets just say I learned about the male genitals through users on Wii U chat… it happened so many times … I CAN STILL SEE IT AAAAAAAA

  7. Solscar says

    i had parental controls on and when i was old enough for the parental controls to come off the console, all these online media services were shut down already…:(big sad

  8. Question says

    Xbox 360 anyone?

  9. sonicgalaxy27 says

    I really love the music of the Wii U Chat because i enjoy it very much. i used the software most of the time to talk to my friends on there when i first got my Wii U. Then shortly, the service was shutdown because of the Nintendo Switch. It really is sucks that Nintendo Switch doesn't have music that we all expected. But this music is still pretty awesome. I will put this as my ringtone in my phone for the memory of Wii U Chat that everyone loves. it also makes me miss Reggie.R.I.P Wii U Chat. 🙁

  10. Gab RB says

    Wii u chat shutdown

  11. Sudd 32X says

    R.I.P Wii u, Wii u chat, Miiverse and most of all Satoru Iwata In crying now

  12. Dagron Omega says

    This reminds me of noki bay in super mario sunshine.

  13. Mara co. says

    This makes me sad…..

  14. TSwany says

    i would always use this to call my one friend who also had a wii u….until he sold it…..and then shortly after the service shut down… R.I.P. wii u chat.

  15. Alessandro Rizzi says

    A.K.A. look mommy! I can see what's inside my nose on TV!

  16. n says

    boom. boom bung, boo boo boo baa,

  17. VB3 says

    Wii U Chat, also known as…….oh wait Nintendo shut it down? Well I never used it anyway so now I can move it to my useless folder

  18. Mesa Kat says

    why would anyone use this shitty chat

  19. Go away says

    sounds like a certain song on tomodachi life at the beginning, I just can't put my mouse pointer on it..

  20. Nebby Bag says

    Wii U chat: also known as pedophile hotline!

  21. xSuperMario64x says

    I remember calling my friends on Wii U chat because that's the only way we could call each other. Cell phones were obsolete to us xD

  22. D, De & Dede says

    wii u chat?

  23. D, De & Dede says

    wii u chat?

  24. D, De & Dede says

    wii u chat?

  25. Villager of SmashVille says

    "Anyone wanna Wii U Chat" – Pedophiles on Miiverse.

  26. Jango's Game Betas says

    is there a way where i could download this?? 

  27. SpongeFreakDX says

    I literally JUST put it up! =D

  28. Benjo says

    Yeah, I love it. just heard it on a video, would be awesome if you uploaded it! 😀

  29. Sammy S says

    Do you have the music for when you are calling someone? Thats an awesome little tune.

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