Windows 10 Game DVR (Built-in Game Recording)


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Windows 10 Game DVR will allow gamers to record video from any game running on their computer using the Game DVR feature starting with Microsoft’s March update to the preview build of its new operating system. Game DVR runs in the background whenever someone is playing a game, and keeps a running video buffer so people can rewind and capture cool moments.

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  1. Spartan Aaron says

    does it record the audio when other people are talking?

  2. q8_vip2 says

    nice but while playing league of legends and i use Alt Esc to playing fast music the record AUTO offwhen league of legends screen down record stopped

  3. Dark Exsphere says

    Hey, i've been using Game DVR with some issues. i have it set to pre-record the last 30 seconds and the game i've been playing is Gears of War 4. now, when im playing, ive noticed sometimes it records a 16s video not 30. sometimes 22 seconds. not sure what the hell is going on. is there any way to fix this?I'm using a intel 6700k cpu, 16gb of RAM and 980Ti. I'm also saving it to my E drive which is an external 2.5" SSD connected via USB. before i was recording straight into my flash drive and noticing same issue.

  4. Sir Gildo says

    Shadowplay, for some reason, always fucks up after some time. I have no idea why, but there are times when the option just disappears from Geforce Experience altogether. Might switch to using this instead.

  5. K S says

    in standard quality the recording goes at 60 frames? or only in high..?

  6. Sid says

    i cant record, when i try to open the game menu in game it wont open

  7. Nogumdrop says

    hey yo waddup

  8. TheFav says

    it doesn't work for me pls help me i cant record anything

  9. Magic_Zach says

    Key commands don't work.  I hit Win+G and doesn't open the Game Bar, or ANYTHING else.  Garbage.

  10. Xboxshqip says

    "This game does not support recording", useless crap.Can not record Killer Instinct

  11. yo yoo says

    my dvr wont record past 30 seconds but ive set it to 2 hours, Help??

  12. humudu says

    I dont have that xbox on my computer….!!!

  13. josspider100 says

    It asked me to enter my Xbox IP address…but I don't even have an Xbox

  14. KarlossCz says


  15. idknuttin says

    Can I use this to show the fps when I am playing pc games on windows 10?

  16. Richard Wirt says

    Will it record War thunder

  17. This Channel Is Now Closed says

    can it record webcam too?

  18. FBI says

    how do i record it longer then 3mins

  19. DojiSan says

    It's only saving 45-55 seconds of recording.. any ideas why?

  20. kenneth lam says

    i can't find the xbox app i need help pls

  21. Knightt_ says

    Is it in Windowed FullScreened?

  22. titosan05 says


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