1. Max Davidge Camarri says

    Your playing on my sever with better ping than me

  2. Kameron Thomas 65 says

    In my dream is to be like you on fortnight

  3. Kameron Thomas 65 says

    I play PS4

  4. Henry Gaylord says

    Me having better ping than TG ?

  5. Rohan Tantepudi says

    Did anyone realise that he had the same reaction for every win

  6. Noah Portrey says

    My lil bro likes watching you he’s only 3 months

  7. Sealy boy says

    WhAt CoNtRoLlEr PlAyEr

  8. BBS Cloudy says

    Am i the only person tht thought this was season 3 chapter 2 ??‍♂️

  9. I II Ward II I says

    Are there gonna be more controlla players?

  10. ulindi roos says

    Veel my pain

  11. FNCookie says

    YEET there’s “Epischer Sieg,, that’s in germany ??

  12. enis .k says

    I play in Europ but for me is 34 ping

  13. Smeats God says

    its funny how he complains about being on 160 ping, i play on 190 everyday ??

  14. KWAYFurios edits says

    I'm in na east server and yes we do build to max height.

  15. cohiesev boar says

    Rip pumps

  16. Pumpkinfruit says

    Love this video

  17. Deborah Schram says

    I think na east is more sweaty than west

  18. Ellie Long says

    I only just reliazed I've been playing in the wrong region this whole time..

  19. THE RED KNIGHT says

    Hey I already claimed the red knight please take off?

  20. Kate Perham says

    Your a star ? tg

  21. Kate Perham says

    ? wow

  22. Kate Perham says

    Ohh I get it

  23. Kate Perham says

    What does he mean as every region

  24. Kate Perham says


  25. Kate Perham says

    Fried egg haha

  26. Kate Perham says

    Good idea

  27. Greenmaster5799 says

    My mom never lets me play fortnite I wish I can play 🙁

  28. Axel Pro22 says

    Jarvis did this

  29. Brandon Palma says

    i play all the days

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