Woeful Watford FM20 | #05 | WOLVES IN WONDERLAND! | Football Manager 2020


The less said, the better.

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Relaxed Football Manager content, both on YouTube and Twitch! Avid runner, and keen lover of keeping fit. We cover tutorials, experiments, lets plays, how too’s and many more! Be sure to catch me live on Twitch! Hope you chose to join the Foxes ❤️

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  1. Stephen Reacts says

    It’s pronounced “Ben-Rah-muh” mate ???

  2. Archie Smith says

    Well that was very realistic wasnt it. We get some really good results and then let teams like wolves just punch us in the face.

  3. Mouldy7890 says

    Up the Wolves ?? didn’t see that result happening. Fine the lot of them and some more .!

  4. FM WORX says

    Good video mate Can’t wait to play away to Watford next season (Rovers fan) love their ground

  5. Colin M says

    Dude you got spanked!!! Gonna be interesting watching this one. Good luck ?

  6. Harry Copp says

    Do you have a link to the real life fixtures database

  7. TheDogWatch says

    Cracking Video once again and to be fair to Wolves that is the formation they have played all season 🙂 I see next up is Sheffield Utd and your no doubt be facing it all over again 🙂

  8. dark phoenix says

    Wide width High Tempo Direct Passing Pass into Space against any back 3 formation. Lock the wingbacks in any back 3 formation by man marking them bec they are biggest threat.

  9. Lyndon Quinn says

    Try Chalobah as a DLP in the DM position. He was my player of the season in that role in that formation on my Watford save

  10. Cwieku says

    I started my own save with Watford in 2020 after simulating a lot to get right 3 teams relegated. I sold players for 175 million and I brought some players for free/loan. Now I "only" need promotion and spend a lot of money next summer.

  11. Jack says

    Why is 3-4-3 so bizarre? Chelsea won the league with it a few seasons ago.

  12. Colin Watson says

    I've been playing fm16 as spurs and I got my ass handed to me by Leicester 6-0 n I had my 1st team out.

  13. Sam Foster says

    Fox loses to the wolves. What’s with all these big cats?

  14. g0dseye says

    its that time again. thanks for the vids fox realy enjoying the season. petty u wasnt a evertonian. would love to have seen that. lol. can foxy save watford or are they doomed time will tell.

  15. JE 77 says

    I’m a Fulham fan all the best of luck to Watford and hopefully in a few years we can face each other in the Premier League!

  16. Sam Clarke says

    That is better than irl when you lost 8-0 to city

  17. Mathew Cheeseman says

    “At least we’re saving money” ?

  18. Finsabu says

    wolves have only played a 5-2-3 or a 5-3-2 while nuno has been in charge.

  19. SuperLeutu says

    why is deeney considered a dirty player/human being? honest question here

  20. James Woodward says

    If an episode of a series ever summed up FM…

  21. Everton FL says

    Actually love this series because you’ve made it realistic. Good luck next season irl ??

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