1. alirjeff says

    …but I’m not sexist

  2. Suman Kumar says


  3. Kuma Bear says

    Dang that #15 girl at the end, she needs to be banned from soccer asap

  4. emo wonders says

    If this happened to me I would walk away with my middle finger

  5. Ja've Faith says

    The black girl the only one that ate?? sis said wop wop wop wop wop and Karen run up like “girls noooo”??

  6. Ja've Faith says

    Jackie chan

  7. Kluivert B says

    It took one clip from Instagram for me to search up these fights

  8. Tarrel Dowell says

    Everyone…..KUNG YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????‍♂️??‍♂️???

  9. Iceland Motorsport Rally fan says

    The guy in 2:32 sounds like some fighting video game character lmao

  10. ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual says

    i love this

  11. Solemn Solace says

    That girl at the end doesn't want to play soccer she just wants to fight.

  12. Alpha Luna says

    If she kept hurting me the second time oh hell no i would get kicked off that team cause she would be in the mother fucking hospital.

  13. Shishir Gurung says

    Number 15 at red jersey is like a pepe of portugal ???

  14. Ğovanđ ŁOSŦ ,βŁŐŦω 22 says


  15. Benny TD says

    I just love girls soccer. ….

  16. Adjoa Foster says

    Number 15 really don't like number 7

  17. Tiana Thompson says


  18. Nele Van Cammeren says

    Some of this girls are psycho damn

  19. mia says

    If these little girls are gonna get mad over falling or being pushed then they shouldn't be playing a sport that's interactive also that girl at the end now her she I would beat the shit out of because it wasn't an accident she was doing over and over on purpose

  20. Phon Xieng says

    i suck at sports even i a 5'7 asian man can make the women team

  21. StoopidLizard Green says

    2:49 dammm WHOA chill mate but damm she can fight

  22. Leon puggy says

    Now this is entertainment

  23. G4M1N6-CH4N says

    i mean i’m a gurl too but, these girls they be playing dirty

  24. Banana World says

    My mum showed me this saying if I ever did this in a game she would disown me ???

  25. The Shaolin Six says

    its like they play in slow motion

  26. Castlebravo Celestial says

    Football is not for woman ?

  27. Hdjd Tbfjsb says


  28. Mario Manthei says

    Digga was ist mit dir passiert was ist mit PUBG

  29. NJ Highlights says

    2:45 : Mike Tyson ?

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