WORKOUT WITH ME | D1 college soccer in-season workout circuit


WHATS UP YALL!!!!! here is a quick circuit that we do on our off days to relieve soreness after a game filled weekend- this was a highly requested workout video and I’m not really sure how I feel about it tbh hahah but if y’all like it & want me to film more workout video type stuff- pleeeeease like this video and let me know in the comments!


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“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”
1 Timothy 4:8

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  1. M. 007 says

    Holy shit that fart cough me off guard ?

  2. peter hale says

    You could break all the gym equipment s

  3. Divyesh Lal says

    Damn over here we don’t have that we need to train hard on our own we make our equipment like weights out of cement and buckets

  4. Seiba alter says

    I need to get more muscle before I do that amount of cardio. (I'm a guy) I'm just scared of doing cardio atm because I don't want to lose gains .

  5. Pc Principal says

    Love athletic women !!! Keep up the good work ladies ..

  6. Omer says

    What a bunch of ugly fugly manlets.

  7. J P says

    How bout we work it out in the bedroom

  8. britta julstrom says

    What position do you play?

  9. Jonathan Woods says

    Them quads tho, I’d like to see her and saquan get into a leg wrestling match.

  10. Tee Tee says

    Wait how is this legal with the ncaa? They literally made Dee ineligible for having a YouTube at UCF…

  11. Weston Smith says

    Nice shoes

  12. claram O1 says

    you should give crossfit a try if you haven’t yet

  13. Lauryn Hoff says

    I have always been wondering where your watch's metal band is from. Is it from the original apple store on amazon. If its from amazon, what is it called because its so cute! – xoxo

  14. Claire says

    you are loved and beautiful and enough and worthy. please give your whole heart to Christ. i’m not saying this cause of criticism or hate but of pure love for whoever is reading this. no matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been, or who you are. YOU are God’s masterpiece. God will make it less painful. He will give you strength through this undoubtedly hard time. He won’t necessarily make it a whole lot easier, but He will make it worth it. so worth it. just be patient and trust Him. love you (yes really YOUUUU

  15. Adam Wittman says

    First you squat then you deadlift. -mike the trainer

  16. donhill5 says

    Way to kick ass!

  17. Megan Carter says

    Love these vids and the Bible verse!! Keep it up girl! ?

  18. Abraham From Gilgamesh says

    Omg u girls are so cute ?❤️?? certified snack

  19. Nihh Nihh says

    1:04 that’s what she said

  20. Lucky C says

    Who ever is the man to spend the rest of his life with Reagan is a very very lucky person. Beautiful eyes girl!

  21. Bryan Nguyen says

    All I saw was cardio and core with two strength workouts… Shouldn't it be all strength workouts, no cardio but endurance training, and only core twice a week?

  22. Eduardo Rodrigues says

    Does she play profissionaly ?

  23. Subhesh kumar says

    Im a guy , those legs are my goals

  24. Ivan Cherpakov says

    when you row, try to let the handle go first before u bend your knees because you’re losing so much energy by doing an extra movement but overall great work!

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