World Health Organisation and United Nations ‘as useless as each other’


If there is one thing the public can learn from the fallout of the deadly coronavirus pandemic it is “how useless and politically correct the World Health Organisation is,” according to Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Just like the United Nations, the World Health Organistion is a waste of space,” Mr Smith said.

The WHO and its general manager Tedros Adhanom have been criticised for failing to condemn China’s role in covering up the coronavirus crisis which has since killed more than 87,000 people.

It comes as US President Donald Trump has threatened to defund the World Health Organisation after the “China centric” body failed to support early travel bans which could have saved tens of thousands of lives.

“Donald Trump got this right … when he threatened to pull funding from WHO,” Mr Smith said.

“He rightly pointed to his widespread travel bans, which bizarrely, was a measure criticised by WHO at the time”.

Mr Smith said the WHO “declared Covid-19 a pandemic, weeks after several nations including Australia, had already made that declaration”.

“This mob’s a joke and their suck up to China on several occasions is not fooling anyone”.

Image: AP

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  2. Genadi Vainer says

    We must cut them off. There is no other choice.

  3. myunk nownland says

    WHO want the world population to reduce to 500 million. Of course it would want deaths not life. Run by the elites.

  4. Valid Lavrigne says

    Useless UN

  5. Pritish Appadoo says

    WHO, WTO, World Bank, IMF… all the same.

  6. Ruby Rose says


  7. Greg Burcham says

    It’s always about money. Here is $$$$$$, look the other way now.

  8. i eat my family says

    Those dislikes are from the WHO,

  9. Sage Narain says

    WHO is a waste of money.

  10. Doan Le says

    Useless… why they even existed?!

  11. Yew Teeube says

    It's funny just because black people was victims of racism many many many years ago, they get to forever accuse other being racist.Well, Mr T, you ignored Taiwan's warning about human-human transmission of the covid-19, I call you being racist against Taiwan first.Oh sorry, not covid-19, I mean the CCP virus.

  12. Kwills says

    The WHO gives medical advice, and gives medical support to nations who need it. The fact of the matter is almost no nation listens to the WHO giving the highest medical danger rating in the coronavirus when it was first going through China. That is not to say I don’t think it’s complete bullshit for not letting Taiwan be a part of the WHO, but to say the WHO needs to be gotten rid of is one the stupidest things I’ve heard, especially when we need them the most.

  13. Aeth Alpenglow says

    UN and financial sister agencies…

  14. marcia menage says

    Witless Hoax Organisation = Useless Network

  15. John Hadleigh says


  16. Kenny Atlast says

    If Australia don’t change the people will take the country back with force if nessasary You and who have been warned

  17. Frances Busby says

    WHO has failed miserably…

  18. Frances Busby says

    Yes. !

  19. Kenneth says

    Sorry Tedros, your racism card has been declined, do you have another card to complete the transaction?

  20. Mark Hartley says

    Why send millions to a corrupt organisation, Morrison should be defunding them..

  21. Alex Curtis says

    I'm confused, the channels says Sky News and the speaker said Donald Trump got it right. But Sky News UK is busy trash talking Donald Trump, along with the most of the Europe.

  22. kohkaeable says

    It's important that we don't forget how useful and important the WHO was in the past. The SARS outbreak was dealt with quickly and efficiently. smallpox is extinct in large parts due to the efforts of the WHO. Howeveer, it's only since 2006 that ththe WHO has gone to utter shit under the stewardship of Tedros and Margaret Chan. My point is don't shit on the previous WHO leadership and staff who actually did what they set out to do. It's important that we don't paint those people with the same brush as Tedros and Chan and their staff.

  23. Denise Allison Stout says

    God’s got these people in his crosshairs

  24. Daniel Tudor says

    WHO leadership is the problem, China bribed them, the WHO organization as a whole is still doing a lot of good around the world. The UN is something else. The WHO leadership must be criminally investigated.

  25. Edward Robertson says

    Playing the race card, no shame

  26. imran raja says

    I'm sure it was WHO who gave permission to china to study covid-19 in wuhan?????????

  27. Harald Olsen says

    Wish we had media like this here in Norway. Thumbs up !

  28. Cole Pedersen says

    I had never heard of WHO

  29. Dordo says

    There is a italian video that reports that china in 2015 made a virus from bats.



  31. A349 says

    Tedos mentioned dont bring politics into pandemic… i hope Trump can ask Tedros… whether Taiwan is a nation on its own or not… that would already distinguish what links and influence China have in WHO.. WHAT HEALTH ORG…

  32. vir De says

    Trump made the right decision here, let it be called Chinese health organization from now on

  33. roy chang says

    ha ha ha at least its not too late the world was enlightened….remove those idiot puppets!!!!!!

  34. Legio XIII Gemina says

    Imagine being a Chinaman lmfaooooo

  35. Rob L says

    Why are sky news Australia so much better at their job than uk sky news?!?

  36. Callaway Coleman says

    WHO does that?

  37. Cynthia Gutierrez says

    Australia is smart – vs the USA my country has thrown away money over the years $452million in 2019 to the WHO . And China is the next highest contributor at $40m – we need to keep our tax dollars where they are better spent . The only good thing this virus has brought is awareness of the flagrant ccp lies .

  38. A Place For Gratitude says

    The WHO is a criminal joke… maybe they know what this guy knows

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